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I don't have much time right now, so I can't get into everything I want to say right now, but I do have a brief story that should take less than the 30 minutes I have.

A Long time ago, just before X-mas, Guin told me of a wondrous and amazing game called Okage, Shadow King. It was an RPG, and a good one at that, said the Guindo. I am sure that you and Chibi would like it.

Well, I went to game stop that day and I found Okage and played it and loved it and thought that it was a very good game.

But Chibi didn't have it and I said that I would find it and send it to him. Unfortunately it did not get sold to stores often, so when ever I went to the store to see if they had it, they always said no, now go away and try again later. They also beat me with sticks made of knives.

Now today I had some errands to run, namely depositing money in the bank and seeing about my Mac. There's a Gamestop right near the bank and I remembered my promise to buy Okage for Chibi, so I checked the place out. And they said they did not have Okage. Then they called the store at the mall if they had it, and they said no too. However, they did say a store down in San Antonio had it if I had time to drive down there, which I did not.

So I deposited my money at the bank and then decided that I would do whatever it took to get Okage today. So I went to the library with the intention of looking up game stop stores. Sadly, all the computers were busy. However, I did manage to reserve a copy of an audio-book version of Bridge to Terabithia, so it wasn't a total loss.

Then I went to the mall and, since I was early, looked up information there. There were a few stores nearby that I could check after class if I had time, which I should, but I didn't actually print anything out since it was a store and I figured I'd do it in class.

THen I talked to the mac people who said that the part I was going to exchanged hadn't been ordered =\

Then I decided to check the EB games at the mall, even though they said they didn't have it. I figured what I could do was ask them where the nearest store that did have it was and to give me directions. So I went down and asked if they had Okage. They said they did! So I had to find the case, which involved looking at about 90% of the cases they had in the bargain bin -_-, and then bought the game! SWEET SUCCESS!

So yeah, it took about half a year, BUT I FINISHED MY QUEST! They say money can't buy happiness, but they're wrong. I spent 5 bucks and I feel really happy for finally doing this =D This was definately a good thing, not just because it'll please Chibi, but because it made me feel really good and I think it'll give me enough feel good juice to last until at least my doctor's appointment tomorrow.


Quotes were entirely left out of this story BECAUSE I FELT LIKE IT!
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Invalid Tangram

So, a while back, I went to the Guildhall and got to play Invalid Tangram, which is a very addictive Galagaesque shooter. I recently remembered it cause of my tangram set and looked to see if it was still on the net (it was) and downloaded it again. It's really good! Check it out! It's really addicting!
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So, I found Myth: The Fallen Lords the other day =D I haven't played it since SOPHOMORE YEAR. Cause... I broke the CD =( (It's still around here somewhere >_>) Yeah. Best CD I ever broke =( I've played Myth II: Soulblighter a lot since then, though. But never Myth: TFL. AND I MISSED IT SO MUCH! ANd man... it's just as good as I remember. Haven't played much yet, though. I should play more, though, since it's so good. And I wanna get to the 6th last level, Across the Gjol, since it's such a well done level (probably the best of the three Myth games!)! It's a defensive level. You're on one side of the level, the enemy's on the other. Your objective: buy time for the main force (not on map) to escape. So yeah, it's a suicide mission, but important.

You control a rather large unit for the game, about 30 guys, I think, if memory serves (6 dwarves, 12 bowmen, 1 journeyman, 8 warriors, and a warrior captain). This is also the last level you get to use warriors, and aside from the level before it, you haven't even seen warriors for about 10 levels. Because they're mostly inferior compared to the other melee unit, the Bezerk, who attacks and moves about twice as fast as the warrior, but lacks a shield. THe warriors add to the flavor since it's a defensive map, and, well, warriors are better at defense than Bezerks, because of that lovely shield. You also have the high ground in the level, which makes your archers and dwarves much more useful, since the added range means, well, they can attack sooner than the enemy. On the other side of the river is, well, a MUCH larger force than what you have. So you have to be careful.

That's the basic setup. It's already really interesting, and we haven't even gotten to the twists.

The first twist happens about a third of the way into the level: Rain. Why is rain a twist? Well, because your dwarves, who throw molotovs, are almost USELESS in the rain since the rain usually extinguishes the fuse. In the rain, you get about 1 in 10 molotovs to explode, probably less due to other luck factors like longer fuses than normal or duds. Perhaps 7-9 out of 100. This is a huge blow to your forces since dwarves are your heavy hitters, able to heavily damage loads of units at once.

The next twist isn't too hard to figure out if you've played Myth at all before: the wights. wights are undead bombs. Undead bombs full of fetid pus that will petrify your units if it touches your troops, which it will if they get too close to you when they detonate themselves. Fortunately they move slowly, and killed by 3-4 archer shots, but if you're not careful, they'll sneak up on you and kill you since they can hide in water. So you have to be on the lookout for them while battling the main force. And they're everywhere... some even behind your main lines!

The next twist is in your favor! Just when you think all is lost, you get reinforcements 2/3s of the way into the level! More of everything but the captain, sadly (since the captain is about as strong as a bezerk with a shield). It's enough to save you if you still have enough of your main force.

Seriously, though, it's an exceptionally well done level.

ANYWAY! In addition to M:TFL, I got 2 "new" RTSs: Dungeon Keeper 2 and Total Annihilation, The first is REALLY, REALLY fun, cause you play the bad guy and only the bad guy. I'm on the fifth level there. It's really fun, and pretty different from the normal RTS. TA I haven't touched much cause of the other games, but it's like warcraft, only on a much larger scale. I've never been all that good at warcraft, but I've always enjoyed it. And I bet I'll enjoy TA too. Both of these were recommended to me by Chibi.

ANYWAY! Since strategy games (RTSs or TBSs) are my favoritist games ever, I've been really happy lately =D CAUSE I HAVE SO MUCH RTS LOVING TO GO AROUND =D So yeah. I don't think I'll be depressed for awhile ^_^
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FFIX Book boss


There's this boss in FFIX that's optional that I didn't know about. It's a book. Well, rather, it's a guy in a book, but I didn't know that. I did know that, uh, we was whooping me =D

Seriously, I fought him and he kept page storming, which does a lot of damage to everyone, and dooming, which kills the target in 10 counts, and stuff. BUT! Since I beat the champion at the card game, I got the revive ring and had that on Vivi (including auto life). Now, when ever I was attacking the book, nothing was wappening. I'd do a double digit amount of damage and the book would go "Nothing on this page." So Vivi was focusing and Zidane was stealing while freya and amarant where trying to keep me healthy, with Vivi helping. Turns out this is a bad strategy cause eventually, a really bad page storm took everyone down but Vivi, who's in the back row and takes a ton less damage. He tried reviving people for a bit, but that didn't work too well. They'd just die instantly. Then he tranced and I tried one more pheonix down.

Then he died. OOPS. But auto life saved him! And he came back with 1 HP! And the book went first!!! Sigh... wait, what? You missed? =D! ELIXER TIME! So yeah, full HP. And he was still tranced! So I decided "well, maybe it's time to kill him with only Vivi, since I last saved half an hour ago due to cut scenes =\ So dbl black double firaga. First one does something unusual. When I hit the book, it opens! No "nothing on this page crap." A big blue ball is revealed. And, well, the second Firaga does a couple K to him since he focused a few times.

Once I realized that the new form had new abilities (it could only cast poison) and I had the opportunity to revive everyone again, I did so! To awesome effect! I used a few elixers too because I thought the boss may have other spells, but no, only poison. So then I made another mistake, I thought this new form was permanent and just had Vivi focus while Zidane stole. Yeah... no good came from that as Zidane stole nothing (he already got the elixer and ether) and the book eventually reverted. So this time I wailed on him with everyone in an attempt to find him, this worked much better. The book opened again and I decided to just nuke 'im with Vivi (who was doing 4K now). Then I attacked with Amarant and the book reverted. SO APPARENTLY MELEE ATTACKS BAD! So I had to find him again. Then Vivi just fried him.

SO YEAH! I BARELY WON THAT! WOW! BUt I beat it on my first try! =D And everyone got 60 AP (30 from boss, 30 from AP up) which makes me wish I had changed my accessories around a bit, but still totally worth it.


Next optional boss is Hades, I believe...
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I am suuuuuuuch a geek/fanboy type person >_>

So, recently, Haplo and I watched Firefly together. We didn't let the fact that we're a billion and 3 miles away from each other stop us, we just used the marvelous power of one of us saying "GO!" and then having us both hit play simultaneously. Then we'd chat at each other through IRC. After Firefly, came Serenity (Obviously). Then we went to moives Haplo really really likes but Bugle hasn't seen. First was Donnie Darko, then Brazil, both of which were BIZARRE, yet good. Then was Casablanca, which was also really good. And foloowing that was Labrynth, which I want to watch again soon. It was so awesome. It brought out the six year old in me, the fantasy lover, the adventurer lover, and, well, pretty much all of me. I am simply in LOVE with the movie now.

Now we stopped doing movies. We moved on to Chrono Trigger >_> Unlike everything else, this is something Bugle has finished and Haplo hasn't... she rescued Chrono, then stopped playing for months, so she restarted. Right now, weve just recently given Frog the Masamune. Unfortunately, I play faster than Haplo (as I know most dungeons by heart and I'm good and fast at combat), so I pause after every boss so she can catch up, which I think is fine.

In tradition of the "Bugle needs a challenge everytime he plays CT," I have set up a challenge for myself: No healers unless it can't be avoided. In addition, you may not use techs of people not in your party.

This means that my party must always contain Crono (Yes, he has Life. Life doesn't really count, though. Also, if I didn't count Life, I'd be unable to do this challenge), Lucca, and Magus, if possible. If not possible, then I get a healer. Best substitute for Magus/Crono when one isn't around? Ayla, no MASS heal spells, so she's the worst healer of the lot (technically Marle has no mass heal spells either, but her enormous healing power over comensates that. Plus, she'll just Aurawhirl with Crono, which is mass...). When I can't use Alya, I'll use Frog, and when I can't use frog, I'll use Robo. Marle never gets used except for the final part of the Rainbow Shell quest and everything pre Robo.

This isn't exactly the hardest of challenges up until I rescue Crono, at which point it becomes moderately difficult as, well, I have no healers! That means relying on inferior potions when I should be attacking. The lack of mass heals will also be annoying against bosses like Queen Zeal who puts all three guys at 1 HP >_< On, and Lavos will be a PAIN. Good news? With the party of Crono, Magus, and Lucca, that's like having 3 luminaring chracters! Luminare, Dark Matter, and Flare all do massive damage. Maybe the damage will overcompensate the lack of healers. Maybe. Possibly. Oy. Either way... I'm buying lots of Revives.

So, yeah. I'm a geek. And a Fanboy for doing all this with Haplo. Since, like, I am such a Haplo fanboy >_>
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Tastes salty!

Super Mario RPG! ^_^

I am totally replaying SMRPG. And I'm already 5/7ths done (yes, five seventh-ths). In fact, I just beat the spear guy with the long, hard to remember/spell name.

Man, I LOVE SMRPG. It's the best Mario RPG made to date, In my opinion. From Bowser to a partner to Smithy as an enemy to Johnny as a cool guy to Booster as comedy relief. Man, I love Booster... And the mini games! Oh man, the mini games! I don't particularly care for The Midas River, but the mine cart, the Yoshi race, avoiding the Big Raven's beak while a statue, and, of course, the three Booster mini games! Hehe... I love Booster and the sniffits. Oh, and the fights. Seriously, there are some cool and creative fights. Bowyer, for example, is very interesting as he can lock commands. Then there's the evil wedding cake, and the power ranger parody. Oh, and let's not forget Johnny! I absolutely LOVE 1 on 1 battles. Unfortunetly, I seemed to have been over leveled or something because Johnny didn't survive 2 attacks after going 1-1... He usually gives me a decent challenge. Maybe the team of Bowser doing damage and Geno playing support just did too much damage to Johnny before he could toughen up? =/ Oh, and let's not forget the best weapon EVER concieved for an RPG: the Hurley Glove. What other weapon has you attack by CHUCKING the MAIN CHARACTER at your enemies, catching him, and THROWING HIM AGAIN? It's pure awesome! Speaking of timed hits, I really like the timed hit system. Unlike most timed hit systems, SMRPG doesn't have a pass fail. They have different degrees of passing and then a fail. Depending on when you hit the button affects how much damage you do, so you have a varied ammount of damages you can do, rather than just the two (normal, adcanced).

My one qualm with the game? There is no... green... muchroom eating... Italian plumber. Seriously. Where's Luigi? =/ I mean, Link's in the game, but no Luigi? Come on!

So, yeah. I like SMRPG. I also like the Paper Marios and the M&L Superstar (haven't played partners in crime), but I really wish they'd make another Mario RPG like this one. Oh, and bring back Booster. And possibly Johnny. Scratch that possibly, bring him back too!

Also, Bowser's priceless in SMRPG. Seriously. Priceless.

I don't particularly care much for Geno or Mallow as characters, though. Geno's a fine support character, sure, but he's... DULL. Sigh. Not everything can be perfect.

And now some Booster Wisdom: "What's this? Water coming from your eyes? Are you... leaking my dear??" *opens mouth and catches some tears* "Tastes Salty!"

Oh, and Booster Mini-game 3: Find Toadstool's stuff (man, I wish she was still called Toadstool =/). I FINALLY got Toadstool to kiss me. I've NEVER gotton Peach to kiss me. Always bowser. I always thought that Bowser kissing me was the something nice =/ Besides, I liked Bowser kissing me because it's funnier than Toadstool doing it. But I found out that if Toadstool kisses me, that means Bowser kisses... Booster! Ahaha! Bowser & Booster: "Feels like... SANDPAPER!" AHAHAHAHA! Awesome! I then tried to see what happened if I took a long time (I saved right before, naturally) and found that you get two kisses, from B & B. And they say the same thing. I honestly like just B & B kissing better, but hey, it's still funny either way!