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This is about math

If you don't like math, or don't get math, you'll likely not enjoy this post. Personally, I find it fascinating.


Do you know what the maximum number you can count to on your hands is? It's not 10. It's not infinity either. It's also not a trick question. The answer is actually pretty high, believe it or not. Can you guess what? If you can't, but don't want it spoiled, click the 2nd link. Click here for answer!Collapse )

spoiler free sollution! (if you don't scroll up)Collapse )
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/me points


It's a new icon!


See, I was re-reading Alien Dice and decided I'd be on the look out for awesome LJ icons.




That's Damian, and he's easily my favorite AD character cause he's.... very similar to me. Zany and carefree most of the time, but can be very serious when he needs to be. He's AWESOME.

AD is a pretty awesome comic. Also, for those interested, my favorite dice is Dash. It used to be Stealth, and she's still up there, but she's been kind of Bitchy lately =\

Anyway, I found that comic and figured the ZOOM ZOOM panel would be perfect. Then I thought "you know, the eschange is pretty awesome too." so decided to animate it. Only I had Guin do it for me cause a) I dunno how and b) I dun have any programs to animate anyway (I think)

dragon, little boy blue, announcement

the misnamed tetris block.

For many years I've named the tetris blocks by the letters they represent. There's S, Z, T, O, I, L, and reverse L.


The Reverse L now has a new name!


Not R, r. Because if you rotate it from _| twice, you get something that looks somewhat like an r. It's not exact, no, but neither is O or T or S or Z. It's close enough for me, and I like it!

dragon, little boy blue, announcement

Realism is over rated!

So, Guin and I were talking about a pokemon RP which a friend of his is apparently making. And, we were discussing characters. And I started talking about mine (if I apply when it gets set up_ and how he'd have 1 of every type of Eevee (since eevees are cool! Their upgraded forms too!) and, uh... the following conversation happened.

E Bugle of W: So yeah, that's my character 8)
E Bugle of W: He'd be one of those creepy guys who stands on the side of trails.
E Bugle of W: Waiting for you to make eye contact with them.
PianistOfRaielin: XDD
E Bugle of W: And then walk up to you and say something like "Hi! Eevee are cute, don'tcha think? Let me show you my eevee collection!"
PianistOfRaielin: XD
E Bugle of W: And then say "My... my eevees!" when I lose =(
PianistOfRaielin: awww
E Bugle of W: Then give the hero some cash and just stand still for the rest of my life.
PianistOfRaielin: XDD
E Bugle of W: Maybe turn in circles occasionally.
E Bugle of W: If I'm lucky, I'll have a phone.
E Bugle of W: And be able to call the hero and go "YEAH! I'M SUPER STRONG NOW! COME BATTLE ME AGAIN!"
E Bugle of W: Even though I didn't train AT ALL.
PianistOfRaielin: XDD
E Bugle of W: And have the EXACT SAME team and the EXACT SAME stats.
E Bugle of W: And then get surprised when I lose again.
PianistOfRaielin: rofl
E Bugle of W: And give the hero MORE money.
E Bugle of W: Cause, I don't need it, obviously!
E Bugle of W: I mean, I just stand here and spin in circles unless the hero talks to me, man!
PianistOfRaielin: XDD
E Bugle of W: And I'd call the hero about once a week for this too.
E Bugle of W: ANd be surprised EVERYTIME.
PianistOfRaielin: hahaha
E Bugle of W: SO yeah, that's my character!