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I still owe you a post, but, uh...


I wrote this last week and only finially edited it. oops. It's NOT AT ALL MY NORMAL FARE. In fact, it's a little dark =\ But I think it's pretty good, and it's only a little over 1K words, so check it out?
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Short Story

Because I don't want to work on the other story I'm working on right now and this one is really short and I want to write... Birds of the elements.Collapse ) It's not fantasy =O

In case you're wondering why I'm posting this here as well as on authorbugle, it's because this is about an experience I had a week ago. Well, it's a parallel, anyway. Partially. The improtant stuff is a parallel, anyway.
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Creative flood

I just recently experienced something I'd never experienced before: Creative flood. At first, this was an awesome feeling, I mean, so many ideas! And I was in the mood to write them down! This was incredible! Only... they wouldn't stop and I couldn't get them down fast enough. I got to the point where I was just... thinking... and thinking... and thinking. It's never happened to me before! This was kind of a problem since I was trying to READ. Also, since I think best on my feet, my feet were getting kind of tired! So, to quell the stream, I watched TV for a bit. Yeah, that helped a lot for some reason... Shrug. ANYWAY! The end result is I came up with a couple more ideas for the D&D thing, which is good, I suppose! But still, I was thinking TOO MUCH! SERIOUSLY! I was kind of overloading on creativity. It was weird... And I'm not sure I want that much creativity again...


Edit: The creative flood DID NOT go away from watching TV< but it did slow it down to managable levels. So yeah! I wrote down a TON of stuff for the D&D campaign, multiple adventures. I need to do a bit more to finish the beginning though, then I'll be done planning for a while since I don't know which path the party will take!

I hope I'm not setting myself up for disappointment...
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They said I couldn't do it. They said I was a failure. They said my pants was made of cheese. Wha?

Seriously, it's made of ham. DUH! Pants and Ham.

ANYWAY! I am now 1/365th closer to my goal! Sorta. It's unedited, so it only kind of counts. But, it's almost 3K words! Later on I'm going to have to make sure it's edited before it's posted. Seriously. What a maroon I am. Though, in my defense, it IS the day after Monumas. Er... I mean Christmas. Yeah. Christ, not Monu. What was I thinking >_>

Anyway, check out authorbugle. You'll be horribly dissapointed. But, hey, it'll get better. I think. Probably. Maybe. Possibly. I dunno. Read it, mortals! I think it's decent for an unedited piece after not writing in far too long. Yeah =/

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New year's resolution?

Testing testing... is this thing on?

So... my year new's resolution is to write a minimum of 1K words a day every day for 365 days. At least. I will be starting the 26th since I'm gonna be taking a week off in January (most likely) when I'm in California, so starting a week early sounds like a cood idea.

Now, I had an old writing journal, but, I'm killing it for a couple of reasons I won't bother you with. Instead, I will be posting to this community: authorbugle. I have no idea how to do that nifty little community cut, so, I'm just going to link it that way. It's a closed community, obviously, as I'm the only one gonna post in it. Also, I totally took the idea of making it a community from Guin, since it was a good idea.

Hopefully I can get back into the writing game soon! Yay! And, in theory, into the comic business too, right? That all depends on Chibi and his mythical books, though >_>

Anyway, look in, if you're interested enough. I've long since learned not to expect to have my stuff read, so fel free to ignore it. Hopefully, though, it'll be interesting enough and successful enough that someone will care, right? Right! I shall not let past failures let me down! YAY!

Anyway, look forward to a Fen and Max short on the 26th.
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Contest Teams

Here are the teams for Contest, minus the names since I haven't thought them up yet.

Name “Profession” Main type Sub type Gender
Team 1
Bounty Hunter Science Combat Male
Martial Artist Combat Science Male
Priestess Magic Wisdom Female
Kid Genius Wisdom Science Male

Team 2
Robot Science Combat Male (technically)
Ninja Combat Magic Female
Shaman Magic Wisdom Male
Sage Wisdom Magic Female

Team 3
Hacker Science Wisdom Male
Archer Combat Science Male
Talent Mage Magic Combat Male
Psychic Wisdom Magic Male

Team 4
Doctor Science Wisdom Female
Magi-knight Combat Magic Male
Arcane mage Magic Combat Female
Scientist Wisdom Science Female

You may notice that 8 contestants came from worlds of magic, 8 from worlds of science, 8 from worlds of combat, and 8 from worlds of science. Basically, 4 from magical combat, 4 from magical wisdom, 4 from scientific combat and 4 from scientific wisdom. Probably the two that are most "Um... no" are the archer and the martial artist, and maybe the psychic. Well, think about it: archery is really nothing but calculations and psychic powers are really nothing more than magic that depends on your wisdom. Martial arts is a little harder to explain, but it was the best I could think of and it fits more under science than magic. Oh, and the talent mage is a little interesting. Unlike the arcane spell caster, who is essentially a D&D Sorcerer who knows a LOT of spells, the talent mage acquires different magic with each passing day at the cost of his old magic. Similar to the talents in Xanth, only he will have more than one talent at a time. This makes him a wild card, some days he will be very useful, somedays not too useful at all. He always knows what he can and can't do, though. I'm sure the rest of them are straight forward.

And if you're looking at some of these people and going "No... his main and sub are reveresed" all I have to say is "good." Those people think so as well. Just because one seems to be the main, doesn't mean the powers that be do as well. They were selceted for their main attribute, their sub attribute is coincidence.

So, which team do you think will win? Team 1 looks like the weakest to me, while team 2 looks the strongest, but that doesn't mean they will win. Teams 3 and 4 both look like they can do really well, though, so it could be anyone's game.

Well, the players have been summoned and teams created. All that's left to do is watch the contest... and take bets.

20 to 1 on team 1
5 to 1 on team 2
10 to 1 on team 3
10 to 1 on team 4

Oh, and yes, I have decided which team will win, and no, I will not tell you which. It could even by the team you think will win, or the team you think will do the worst. It could be anyone. It's also probably not the team you think will win, because I'm shifty like that and you know it and I know you know it.
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Contest is a new story idea.

Yeah, I know, another one. I keep coming up with ideas and never implent any to their end, do I? Well, Contest will be fun to write on the side of F&M. F&M is still going to be the current major project. Contest will be the current minor one.

So, Contest is, as you can probably guess, a contest. The basic premise is 4 teams of 4 are competing against each other to find 4 objects, jewels or something, that will grant the winning team victory and the prize that goes with it. The other three teams will die.

Now, each team is looking for their own jewels, so there's 16 in all, but only 4 our useful to each team. The only use finding another jewel brings is making sure another team won't have it... or trading them for a jewel they took of yours. Each individual member can "feel" their individual jewel, and possessing one's jewel makes one's abilities slightly stronger. Victory can only be achieved when all four members of a team find their jewels and bring them back to the starting area, which they will have to find as they are teleported away from it.

The characters were all summoned to an arena by some outside force who seems to be using the contest as a source of amusement. Each character was taken from other worlds, and very few of them actually know another person there, so everyone is unfamilliar with one another as well. The teams of four were chosen on this basis: a man of magic, a man of science, a man of wisodm, and a man of combat. Despite the phrasing, their are women. In addition, each person brings a different talent. For eample, one man of science has a beam sword weapon and a laser gun and other such toys, while the second is a robot, the third is a hacker and the fourth is a doctor. Each is a man of science. The terms were left vague intentionally.

As it is a contest, there will be interaction between the groups. In addition to feeling one's own jewels, one can also feel the jewels of the people in the other teams that are the same type of man. For example, the men of science can feel all four jewels of science, but they feel a stronger pull to their individual jewel. But, since they can feel the other jewels, it is possible to find other jewels and keep them from the other teams. As such, it seems likely that teams will hinder each other as well as fight each other for possession of the jewels. There are plenty of strategies available.

The arena is circular and divided into four regions: science in the north, wisdom in the east, magic in the south, and combat and the west. These regions are all fairly large and take up exactly a quarter of the circle. Each region is devoted to that particular thing as well, so, the region of science will feature many scientific things, while the region of magic will feature many magical things. Same for the other two regions. Each region also holds all four jewels of that type, so thr region of science holds all four jewels of science etc.

Each team will start in one region near the jewel that team needs from that region. From there, they can either look for the jewels the other teams need or the jewels they need. The choices each team makes will affect the over all outcome of the contest and determine which team will win. If any.

So, yeah, Contest should be interesting. The major problem with it is following four points of view and keeping the story fairly linear.
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How sad...

How horribly, horribly sad...

Well, it's august, which means I need to finish story 1 by September. My goal is to write 1 story a month. Wish me luck.

How tragic...

And, as you can probably guess, not every story will be happy since there will be a lot of them and it'll be about their lives, which aren't always happy.

How disheartening...

And I have something in store for Fen that is Gods AWFUL, and I don't want to do it, but... it has to happen. And it makes me sad. I will probably cry when I write it.

How horrible...

I'm sorry Fen. Sometimes the Gods can be cruel, but sometimes, the Gods have no control over what will happen.

I'm sorry.
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Experimental story

I totally forgot to post this yesterday =/

So, I was bored yesterday in class, but didn't want to writre F&M because I wasn't done with ther char sheets, and I didn't want to edit their char sheets at the moment. This meant I was forced to entertain myself some other way. I would have been playing SMRPG, but playing games makes the computer's battery drain faster, so I couldn't do it for the whole class. Instead, I decided to do the following experiment:

Experimental storyCollapse )

So close! Oh well. It isn't all that great, but, given the time frame I wrote it in, and since I had to do everything from scratch, I don't think it's all that bad either. It's... nuetral. I'm actually proud of myself for successfully doing as much as I did, even if I was 1 sentance off. Well, if I had more time, I would have wrapped it up a little better, but I did have a time limit here. There are also sentances and paragraphs I would definetly rewrite to make better, but, again, time limit. In fact, I did rewrite some stuff, and the beginning took me forever to write. I just had no idea how to set the scene.

I think it's a shame that I inserted bias into it, though. I could very well have done it from a true third person PoV instead of following George, and I think it would have been better since you never know who is telling the true story, the possible thief or the possible avenger. Shame I didn't have time to fix that. As it's written, it's clear that George is telling the truth. Oh well, maybe next time.