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Caution: may contain depressing ramblings

Seriously, this may be depressingCollapse )

But yeah, being depressed as I am right now, I just... I don't know. Felt like talking. The teenage angst comic I've been reading has a couple friends like the ones above (though there's conflict between them right now which is why it's so depressing to me =\), and I guess it just brought up that old desire in me again.

I do wish I used this damn thing more often lately. I actually... mentally make LJ posts all the time, I just never get around to actually posting them. What a loser, huh? I think tomorrow I'll make that high school post. I still really want to (for whatever reason), and it'd probably be good to talk about to someone who won't talk back, you know (and yes, I talk back to myself all the time =P)? I don't think it's actually going to be as depressing as this post or the last (though there will likely be depressing parts), and I don't think it's something I need to talk about because OH MY GODS THE ANGST AND I'M DEPRESSED, but just... I feel like looking back at those 4 years. And talking about them. And how they affected me. I just think it'd be interesting to do.

Anyway, I have to go to work (I'm surprised I managed to finish this post before leaving! I thought I'd be gushing for at least an hour), so I guess I'll see you guys later.

And I should totally update the quest tonight/tomorrow. Tonight if I'm up for it and not tired + depressed like I was last night (only recent I didn't then). Ugh, le sigh, this should not be this hard this early to update! Maybe it'll get easier when things start actually happening.
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My dog is dead now. He was put to sleep last night while I was in school. I skipped school today because of it.

He was a good dog. I'm not the best dog person, I don't take care of them as well as I do cats, but Bandit was still a very good dog. He never grew up. He was just a big puppy all 8 or 9 years of his life. And this was part of his adorable charm.

The other unusual thing about him was he was either a masochist or just really good at surpressing pain. Possibly both. SO good, in fact, that he lived an extra year. His kidneys started failing last year and the doctors thought he'd live another month or two. And that month or two turned into a full blown year more or less. He just didn't let the pain bother him, still bounding and acting ust like a puppy for most of the time in between. There were some times where he'd be kind of sad and in pain, and he's been on medicine for awhile, but up until this last mont or so, he seriously hadn't been showing many signs that he was sick. He was a trooper <3

For those paying attention, this is two pets in about 6 months. Nala, my kitty, died this summer as well. Not very fun time then either. Oddly, despite being a cat person more than a dog person, though, this death has affected me more. Possibly cause of the proximity. Possibly cause this means there's only one pet left (patch, my kitty <3). But possibly because I've been watching Futurama lately and today between work and school I watched the next one in the list, not knowing what it was: the super sad episode about Fry's Dog. I won't spoil the ending if you haven't seen it, but it's super sad and definitely not something you should be watching after your dog dies. Now it's all I can think about having just woken up.

Guin's been helping. We're watching a sad anime about a team of kids piloting a giant robot. Now sure, I was just talking about a sad show super affecting me, but that's cause it was about a directly related topic. Usually sad music and shows and stuff cheer me up. Sigh.

Losing pets never ever gets easier. Farewell Bandit.
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To my friends

A very close friend of mine got hurt emotionally very badly today.

I'd just like to say that I care for you all and I hope you are all okay. Please take care of yourselves and know that I care. I do not want to see any of you hurt as badly as my friend was today.


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BEHOLD! The monster post!

That's right, monster post. This is 18.33 pages long, 11,007 words long (counting the “lj-cut text” stuff, so it won’t come out exact if you just copy/paste), a whopping 45,958 characters long (not counting spaces. 57,714 counting them!), 125 paragraphs, and a mighty 842 lines! All these figures count these opening couple of paragraphs as well.

The point of this monster post is to highlight nifty events from up to 3 months or more ago. So, yeah. MONSTER post. It really should have been posted a log time ago, but it wasn’t, so I’m correcting that. In almost 19 pages. Woah! Anyway, let’s get started.

Meeting Haplo and Fusi =OCollapse )

OkageCollapse )

X-mas swag.Collapse )

California success and failure.Collapse )

World of WarcraftCollapse )

Battleforge Games.Collapse )

Violinist of HamelinCollapse )

SoraCollapse )

And…. That’s it! And I was right. I didn’t make it to page 20. This is the very beginning of 19 right here. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed those EIGHTEEN PAGES OF RECAPPING. This took me awhile to write. Over a week, since I kept doing other things in between. Thank you for your patience, especially if you read the whole thing. That’s it. Til next time.

-A very tired from writing Bugle.