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Hospital report part the last

Okay, so I left off wakeing up. Well, the first thing I noticed after waking up was that I still had a big needle in my hand connected to an IV, a fact that still makes me shiver. It was in my hand for roughly 24 hours, which is no fun at all. There was also a HUGE bandaid on my side. By HUGE, I mean as big as my hand, if my hand was a rectange with height from my wrist to the top of my middle finger and width the length of my palm. BIG. Also, I was in a lot of pain under that bandage, but I had a little button I could press to make the pain go away. Mmmm, drugs inserted into my hand. Cool thing was you couldn't overdose yourself cause you couldn't press it unless 10 minutes had passed since the last time or nothing would happen. I pressed it a loot in the early stages and less often later, but it was apparently too much, or so the nurse said (not threateningly, but still).

Anyway, the first couple hours sucked as I bought a constant battle with consciousness, drifting in and out of sleep every 10 minutes. By "first few hours" I mean "From 4ish to 12," only the intervals between naps started to grow later on. Regardless, I was pretty groggy until about 12ish, and I still took naps after that, they were just less often.

Breakfast arrived at some point in the morning. It was kind a meh. Bland oatmeal, milk (which I can't drink), orange juice (which I don't like), and chocolate pudding. Yes... chocolate pudding for breakfast. Don't ask. I never got to the pudding, though. I'd take 2 bites of oatmeal and get full, then go to sleep for a bit. Then, half an hour or so later, I'd take 2 more bites of oatmeal and so on. The tray was taken before I finished the oatmeal. My pudding was stoled! I don't think it's actually meant to be eaten. They just give it to appendectomy patients who can't eat anything >_>

I read for a bit in the morning too. Basically, whenever I was awake, which, as stated, was often, but not for long periods of time. Kind of amusing, really. I didn't actualy get to read, though, until I asked a nurse for my glasses and the book, which I didn't do until there was a nurse in the room at 6ish. Probably for the best, though. I got most of the way through book two by the end of the day.

Oh, early in the morning they asked me to pee in a container, which I couldn't do. Just couldn't get the juices flowing, so to speak. So, they stuck a catheter in me and forced in out >_< No fun.

I never really used the call nurse button too much. Really only regarding the inability to pee, which I thought was important (it was) and when the IV machine started beeping, which was probably also important. So, that's good. I wasn't like "Beep. MY PILLOW NEEDS FLUFFLING JERKFACE! GET OVER HERE AND FLUFF IT! WITH YOUR TONGUE!" or anything.

Um, what else. A few hours after my pudding was stoled, I got lunch, which was the same as before only there was also really bad tasting tea in addition, the pudding turned into vanilla ice cream, and the oatmeal turned into chicken soup. The soup was okay and the ice cream was good. I managed to get the orage juice turned into apple juice too, which tasted good.

My dad came around 2 and stayed until I left. I would have left at 2 as well. I was allowed to leave as soon as I could pee, but, well, I just couldn't. The anesthesia numbed it up too much, or something, so they gave me an ultimatem to go by 5, which I didn't, despite trying. They told me to drink more apple juice and water and go for a walk (which was very slow), and try running water, and try sticking my hand in hot water and blah blah blah. Nothing worked. So, they stuck the catheter in me again, emptied my bladder, then attached a pee bag and had me take it home. So, not only was I in pain, but now I was also very uncomfortable.

We left at about 6, and dinner showed up at 5ish, which I didn't eat because I wasn't hungry, which was fine since it was identica to lunch only the ice cream turned to chocolate and the soup turned to tomato soup, and I don't like tomato soup. Also, turns out the doctor said I can't have milk or orange juice anyway, which makes me really glad I didn't tdrink what they gave me! Not supposed to have milk (dairy's okay, just not milk), carbonated beverages, or anything with citrus. I was also wheeled out on a wheelchair, which was kinda "=/" I prferred the bed =D I snagged the ice cream before leaving, though >_> Ate it in the car.

So, the next day really sucked since I had this thing stuck in a very uncomfortable place that made it impossible to sit down unless I was on the edge of the seat and made lying down suck too. What sucked most, though, was wearing pants, since they'd kind of bend the tube, which I'd feel and it'd pinch. I expected to have it out tuesday, but they said wednesday morning instead. Sleeping with that thing really sucked. Seriously. Thankfully, they didn't need to stick it back in after they pulled it out. The threatened, though. Said if I hadn't peed by 5, they'd stick it right back in. Took the bandage of wednesday morning too. Didn't hurt at all. Awesome tape they discovered or something that sticks but doesn't hurt. I have a roll of it myself, and I've been fooling around with it. Got some on my computer now and I don't intend to take it off =D Under the bandage were 8 stables. 8. Still there too. Get them taken out tomorrow in the morning. I'm hoping they take me out of commision before school. Probably won't though.

Anyway, um, that's it. that's the story of me and my little uilt in self destruct device trying to kill me. Thats all it is, you know, an appendix. The only time it does something it's trying to kill you. Thanks, nature. I appreciate the pain.
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Hospital Report part 1

So, appendicitus. Fun, eh?

Warning: this may not be for the squimish. I don't know, I'm biased.

I guess it started on saturday. I was at an open house thing for a college, but I was kinda nauseous all day, until I had lunch, which made it worse, so we went home, where I went all -_- all day. Now, from the past, this nauseous feeling goes away under one of two circumstances: vomiting of defecation. As normally happens, I defecated, and, well, the feeling went a way a little... but not entirely. This confused me.

The next day, the nasuea was gone... only to be replaced with PAIN. I don't like pain, It hurts. It happened when I walked or yawned or sat up or moved, so it was quite annoying, and I voiced my opinions of its annoyance and decided I was going to the doctor the next day, as it was already to late to go sunday. So, monday came around, and the pain was a little less, but still there. I decided to use it as an excuse to sleep in and not go to school and then visit the doctor, which we did. I brought along the complete HHGG since I've never actually finished the thing and I restarted awhile ago and had finished the first book over the summer I had forgotten a bit, So I rewound a few chapters to when Arthur was riding with slartibartfast and eventually caught up, as I had plenty of time for reading.

Our appointment was at 12:30. We got in at 1:00 and the doctor saw us at 1:40 -_- He poked me around for a bit, and then they said "well, it's either appendicitus or gas. Go have a cat scan and find out. But first, get stuck with a needle for a blood test." Sigh, I hatee needles.

So, I was scared out of my wits as this nurse got r4eady to prick me. Thankfully, it was over fast.

So, we went over to the mini hospital next door (in walking distance) and said "hey, we need a catscan." It was about 2. Then they said "okay. Wait here for a bit." So we did, and they called me back. Just to get me registered. Then they said "here, drink these 3 cups of iodine and then wait for 2 hours." So I did and I asked if we could leave. They said we could. So, I went home.

Now, we forgot about whether or not I was allowed to eat anything, and I hadn't eaten all day, so I was hungry. We decided that, since they didn't tell us I couldn't, that I probably could, so I had some sandwhiches, nothing heavy. Then I went back and arrived 30 minutes early. They took me back immediately and, well, I had a catscan, which was... interesting. Kinda dull, actually. All it was was me lying down, breathing, and holding my breath. Real dull actually. Well, dull except for the needle. Yup, ANOTHER needle. Then, after he stuck me he was like "um.. woops, looks like when they stuck you for your blood test, they didn't clean it up right so it swole up a little so we'll have to do the other arm." So, he unstuck me, then stuck me again >_< Needle count: 3. Sigh, I hate needles.

So, I finished up and, 25 minutes of reading later, my dad came to pick me up and said "well, you have appendicitus and we're bringing you to the hospital, a different one which was bigger or something. I also found out I shouldn't have eaten. Oops.

So, on the ride, I called home and told my mom about the situation, then got Ray on the phone and asked her to relay the following message to irc: "Yeah, I do have appendicitus and I'm going to the hospitol right now." The message was repeated in the open aim windows I had, which were Guin and Haplo, who both seemed to be away. I was going to have her make an LJ entry, but then I realized I didn't want to give her access to my LJ, so everyone else was left in the dark. Then I called Mist and said "Hey, guess what I have?" "What" "Appendicitus." "Hold on, I'm at the drive thru. Hi, I'd like a number 3 with a sprite" "*silent laughter*" It was a very amusing situation. Not much he could have done, though. I didn't get to talk to him long, unfortunately, as we got to the hospital then.

We didn't know exactly where I was or was supposed to go, but we found our way alright, and eventually saw the doctor, who asked a lot of questions and was like "well, from what you tell me, it doesn't sound like appendicitus since you haven't vomited or had any other symptoms but pain, but the cat scan says you do, so there's a 90-95% chance you do." Despite what it sounds like, he knew what he was talking about, he was just very casual. "Also, normally we tell people not to eat for at least 24 hours before they opperation except in emergency cases, because there's a 30 second window where you can get amonia. The risk is very slight, but it is there. Unfortunately, appendectomies are considered emergency cases, so you have this risk.

Then they gave me a hospital robe, which was kinda nice, actually, as it was soft and had cool patterns and it tied up in back so nothing showed or anything. Then I got up on the bed, and they wheeled through the hospital, which was kinda fun =D Then the set me up in this cold opperating room and shifted me over to a mini table and then... stuck me with another needle which they said was so I didn't feel the big needle, which they stuck me with shortly after. Needle count: 5 >_< Fortunatley, I feel unconscious shortly afterwards.

So, afterwards, I woke up, disoriented, about 2 hours after I expected. This was because I forgot about recovery time, which I took twice the normal length for. Then the wheeled me to my room, which was also fun, only now I Huge bandage on my side and a huge needle in my left hand. GAH! NEEDLE! Fortunately, I didn't even feel the needle.

So, I got to my room, and had to talk to the nurse for a bit, I think, I don't remember, I was loopy. Then I talked to my dad, who called home. Then I had him relay a message to my sister to relay thwe message that my appendectomy was succesful and I should be out the next day. I
m sure this was a relief to those people. I believe Guin also relayed this accross LJ so the people who didn't get the message did thanks to him. Danke Guin.

So my dad stayed with me until I went to sleep, which was soon. Then I woke up a few hours later and kind of entered limbo. I'd be awake for 120 minutes, then be asleep for 10 minutes, and keep switching for hours. It kind of sucked.

Um, end of part one since I'm getting tired of writing and I'm only half done -_-