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BEHOLD! The monster post!

That's right, monster post. This is 18.33 pages long, 11,007 words long (counting the “lj-cut text” stuff, so it won’t come out exact if you just copy/paste), a whopping 45,958 characters long (not counting spaces. 57,714 counting them!), 125 paragraphs, and a mighty 842 lines! All these figures count these opening couple of paragraphs as well.

The point of this monster post is to highlight nifty events from up to 3 months or more ago. So, yeah. MONSTER post. It really should have been posted a log time ago, but it wasn’t, so I’m correcting that. In almost 19 pages. Woah! Anyway, let’s get started.

Meeting Haplo and Fusi =OCollapse )

OkageCollapse )

X-mas swag.Collapse )

California success and failure.Collapse )

World of WarcraftCollapse )

Battleforge Games.Collapse )

Violinist of HamelinCollapse )

SoraCollapse )

And…. That’s it! And I was right. I didn’t make it to page 20. This is the very beginning of 19 right here. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed those EIGHTEEN PAGES OF RECAPPING. This took me awhile to write. Over a week, since I kept doing other things in between. Thank you for your patience, especially if you read the whole thing. That’s it. Til next time.

-A very tired from writing Bugle.
dragon, little boy blue, announcement

To whom it concerns

First things first: I'm sorry. This whole post is kind of an ellaborate apology. If you don't continue reading, that's fine, those two words are the important part.

I can't explain things worth crap.

Seriously. Explaining things has never been my strong suit. Which is probably why you guys got confused, and I'm sorry. I'm going to make one last attempt and, after that, not bother. It's here because I won't be interupted, honestly. If this doesn't make the situation clear, I'm sorry, I won't bring it up again.

I DO enjoy the game. Very much so. This is the part that seems to be confusing you. This is the most important part. COnsider this the golden rule, or something, it doesn't get broken.

I DO like combat. The combat is very interesting and unique. I just happen to not like my second character at all because he tries to be a tank and a damage class but is kind of sub par at both. I still very much enjoy my main, which is why I go and do stuff with him. Like solo rats, or whatever. This is why I chose hunter originally, because I didn't want my profesion to get in the way of combat. I think the solution to this is to, you know, make a new character, which I very well may do. HOWEVER, fighting solely for the reason of fighting, which is what I've been doing on my main, gets very boring to me. Especially since there's nothing I can solo that isn't rediculously easy , and, as stated before, I hate my second character. Solution? New character. Okay, part one resolved, yes? The other way to solve this, obviously, would be to pay for the game and go to new areas.

I DO NOT like crafting. Making stuff takes too long, I find, since you constantly have to hit the same two buttons until you're done. That'd just tedious and dull. They should really make a "craft all" or "craft x" button. HOWEVER, crafting for a little bit at a time is fine, since I a) make money and b) (in theory) will be able to make myself some cool equipment. This is good.

I DO NOT like farming. Farming is also dull, but it's a good source of income. I do not mind farming for a little bit at a time as I can easily multi task while farming. So, this isn't really a problem, It's just that, if it's all I'm doing, I'm not going to play. The point it, I wanted something else to do other than farm, which was All we've been doing for a bit.

So, summary. I like the game. I WANT to keep playing. I WILL keep playing, so long as I have something to do. Right now, I just feel like there's nothing to do, so I'm just going to take a brake for a day or two and come back with a new character and keep my second character as someone who just carves and farms. Sounds good, yes? I over reacted. Very much. You guys don't know me enough to realize this, I guess. I do this kind of thing a LOT, unfortunately, where I super over react. I dunno why exactly, but I do. The best thing to do would be to not encourage me. Just drop the subject and walk away. I'll continue to be ticked off for a bit (you did realize I was ticked, right? It's my first stage of ticked offedness. I didn't get to stage 2, thankfully.), but then I'll realize what happened, appologize, shape up, and fix the problem. This post is exactly that, I realized what happened and here's my solution to the problem. I super over reacted and felt everything I was doing was useless, which, it may still be, but we'll see. I am still having fun, though, so don't just count me out because I over reacted and claimed I was gonna quit.

If this didn't clear up what was wrong, I'm sorry and I won't bring it up again. If it did clear up what was wrong, well, um, I got nothing.