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FFIX Book boss


There's this boss in FFIX that's optional that I didn't know about. It's a book. Well, rather, it's a guy in a book, but I didn't know that. I did know that, uh, we was whooping me =D

Seriously, I fought him and he kept page storming, which does a lot of damage to everyone, and dooming, which kills the target in 10 counts, and stuff. BUT! Since I beat the champion at the card game, I got the revive ring and had that on Vivi (including auto life). Now, when ever I was attacking the book, nothing was wappening. I'd do a double digit amount of damage and the book would go "Nothing on this page." So Vivi was focusing and Zidane was stealing while freya and amarant where trying to keep me healthy, with Vivi helping. Turns out this is a bad strategy cause eventually, a really bad page storm took everyone down but Vivi, who's in the back row and takes a ton less damage. He tried reviving people for a bit, but that didn't work too well. They'd just die instantly. Then he tranced and I tried one more pheonix down.

Then he died. OOPS. But auto life saved him! And he came back with 1 HP! And the book went first!!! Sigh... wait, what? You missed? =D! ELIXER TIME! So yeah, full HP. And he was still tranced! So I decided "well, maybe it's time to kill him with only Vivi, since I last saved half an hour ago due to cut scenes =\ So dbl black double firaga. First one does something unusual. When I hit the book, it opens! No "nothing on this page crap." A big blue ball is revealed. And, well, the second Firaga does a couple K to him since he focused a few times.

Once I realized that the new form had new abilities (it could only cast poison) and I had the opportunity to revive everyone again, I did so! To awesome effect! I used a few elixers too because I thought the boss may have other spells, but no, only poison. So then I made another mistake, I thought this new form was permanent and just had Vivi focus while Zidane stole. Yeah... no good came from that as Zidane stole nothing (he already got the elixer and ether) and the book eventually reverted. So this time I wailed on him with everyone in an attempt to find him, this worked much better. The book opened again and I decided to just nuke 'im with Vivi (who was doing 4K now). Then I attacked with Amarant and the book reverted. SO APPARENTLY MELEE ATTACKS BAD! So I had to find him again. Then Vivi just fried him.

SO YEAH! I BARELY WON THAT! WOW! BUt I beat it on my first try! =D And everyone got 60 AP (30 from boss, 30 from AP up) which makes me wish I had changed my accessories around a bit, but still totally worth it.


Next optional boss is Hades, I believe...
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BEHOLD! The monster post!

That's right, monster post. This is 18.33 pages long, 11,007 words long (counting the “lj-cut text” stuff, so it won’t come out exact if you just copy/paste), a whopping 45,958 characters long (not counting spaces. 57,714 counting them!), 125 paragraphs, and a mighty 842 lines! All these figures count these opening couple of paragraphs as well.

The point of this monster post is to highlight nifty events from up to 3 months or more ago. So, yeah. MONSTER post. It really should have been posted a log time ago, but it wasn’t, so I’m correcting that. In almost 19 pages. Woah! Anyway, let’s get started.

Meeting Haplo and Fusi =OCollapse )

OkageCollapse )

X-mas swag.Collapse )

California success and failure.Collapse )

World of WarcraftCollapse )

Battleforge Games.Collapse )

Violinist of HamelinCollapse )

SoraCollapse )

And…. That’s it! And I was right. I didn’t make it to page 20. This is the very beginning of 19 right here. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed those EIGHTEEN PAGES OF RECAPPING. This took me awhile to write. Over a week, since I kept doing other things in between. Thank you for your patience, especially if you read the whole thing. That’s it. Til next time.

-A very tired from writing Bugle.
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I am suuuuuuuch a geek/fanboy type person >_>

So, recently, Haplo and I watched Firefly together. We didn't let the fact that we're a billion and 3 miles away from each other stop us, we just used the marvelous power of one of us saying "GO!" and then having us both hit play simultaneously. Then we'd chat at each other through IRC. After Firefly, came Serenity (Obviously). Then we went to moives Haplo really really likes but Bugle hasn't seen. First was Donnie Darko, then Brazil, both of which were BIZARRE, yet good. Then was Casablanca, which was also really good. And foloowing that was Labrynth, which I want to watch again soon. It was so awesome. It brought out the six year old in me, the fantasy lover, the adventurer lover, and, well, pretty much all of me. I am simply in LOVE with the movie now.

Now we stopped doing movies. We moved on to Chrono Trigger >_> Unlike everything else, this is something Bugle has finished and Haplo hasn't... she rescued Chrono, then stopped playing for months, so she restarted. Right now, weve just recently given Frog the Masamune. Unfortunately, I play faster than Haplo (as I know most dungeons by heart and I'm good and fast at combat), so I pause after every boss so she can catch up, which I think is fine.

In tradition of the "Bugle needs a challenge everytime he plays CT," I have set up a challenge for myself: No healers unless it can't be avoided. In addition, you may not use techs of people not in your party.

This means that my party must always contain Crono (Yes, he has Life. Life doesn't really count, though. Also, if I didn't count Life, I'd be unable to do this challenge), Lucca, and Magus, if possible. If not possible, then I get a healer. Best substitute for Magus/Crono when one isn't around? Ayla, no MASS heal spells, so she's the worst healer of the lot (technically Marle has no mass heal spells either, but her enormous healing power over comensates that. Plus, she'll just Aurawhirl with Crono, which is mass...). When I can't use Alya, I'll use Frog, and when I can't use frog, I'll use Robo. Marle never gets used except for the final part of the Rainbow Shell quest and everything pre Robo.

This isn't exactly the hardest of challenges up until I rescue Crono, at which point it becomes moderately difficult as, well, I have no healers! That means relying on inferior potions when I should be attacking. The lack of mass heals will also be annoying against bosses like Queen Zeal who puts all three guys at 1 HP >_< On, and Lavos will be a PAIN. Good news? With the party of Crono, Magus, and Lucca, that's like having 3 luminaring chracters! Luminare, Dark Matter, and Flare all do massive damage. Maybe the damage will overcompensate the lack of healers. Maybe. Possibly. Oy. Either way... I'm buying lots of Revives.

So, yeah. I'm a geek. And a Fanboy for doing all this with Haplo. Since, like, I am such a Haplo fanboy >_>