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Sleep deprevation is good! Kinda...


Wednesday I did a good thing, I think.

But first... let me back up to Sunday so you can get the full effect of the story.

Sunday, I was in a blind panic cause I needed to read a lot... and I Didn't have much time to do it in. See, I hadn't actualy read all that much for the English Test Monday, so I had to read now... and I had all Spring Break, but, well, there's a reason MMOs aften have the word "crack" transfixed over another word or sllyable, in this case, craft. And, well, I have a problem with reading for too long without a break, so I took lots of breaks Sunday and ended up staying awake all night. For purposes of this story, I got up on Sunday at noon and went to sleep Monday at 2... in the afternoon. So that's 26 hours, no sleep. I also had 2 pepsis at around Midnight. I got up at 3:45... and 4:45...because I decided I needed that extra hour of sleep,but as I needed to be at school at 6, 5 was the cut off point. For purposes of this stoty, we'll say 2-5. So, 29 hours time since waking Sunday, 3 hours sleep.

Now, I'd say the minimum amount of sleep you need in 24 is about 6 to function normally, and 8 should be about your regular dosage per 24 hour period. 3 out of 29 is not cutting it. But there's more.

After coming home from the test (at 9) I was unsurprisingly quite tired and went to sleep... for 3 hours. So it's been 36 hours awake, 6 hours of sleep. That's actually getting close to normal functioning. After waking up I was surprisingly very awake and spent a decent amount of time on WoW. A friend, Han, came on and when she did I logged onto TeamSpeak as she usually demands I do when she is on. I'd say she logged on at about 3. Now, this time, instead of being very happy and bosy, like she normally is, she was very sad and timid and was afraid I was going to hate her for whining at me of TS or something, but I insisted that if she needed to vent she could do so to me of TS and I was already logged on. I then spent the next 2 hours talking with her and taking her mind off of things, and went to bed at 5, only to get up again at 11. What do you know, 6 hours. The minimum I stated before, though as I had been undersleeped already, I was still fairly tired. Perhaps it was this tiredness that caused those weird dreams I talked about Tuesday. Anyway, new stats is 12 hours of sleep in 47 hours. Really putting that minimum of 6 hours sleep thing to the test, eh? Too bad most of those 12 hours were in the later 24 hours.

When I got home from school, I was still fairly tired, but I wanted to fix my sleep schedule so I decided to stay awake for awhile and not go to sleep until late, preferably evening. So I stayed awake. Turns out that after a few hours of staying awake, I no longer felt tired, and did not go to sleep again Tuesday. At about 12, though, I looked at Guin's journal and saw that he was feeling fairly depressed, so I left a message on his AIM saying that if I had done anything wrong, I was sorry, referring to the post I made on Tuesday which I thought may have freaked him out a bit or something >_> I'm very paranoid.

An hour later he responded saying that I was not a part of the problem, and then I spent the next hour or so talking to him and trying to cheer him up and stuff. Then I said something moronic, and it's the one thing I typically say whenever I try cheering people up: "I'm not good at this cheering up thing." I think I learned Wednesday that this just isn't true... if people thought I wasn't good, they'd say so. I mean, I try, I talk to them, I listen, and often times I'm actually succesful. Guin was like "... Bugle just talk to me!" And I kind of realized I wasn't doing as bad a job as I thought.

He then decided he was going to watch Sailor Moon and I was all "Well, I don't have any so I can't watch it with you." and he said "No, no! I'm watching it throught the intarwabs!" Now, believe it or not, but I haven't seen much Sailor moon. Mostly because as a kid I was male (still am, actually) and most of the other male kids dissed on it because it was a girly show. Now, I had no pther problem with it, I just thought that if everyone else didn't watch it, nrither should I. This did not stop me from watching my sisters' tape containing the first two episodes whenever it was on, which was often back then. Coincidentially, Guin said he was on episode 3, which is the first episode I've never seen =D

But then he decided to watch Elfen Lied instead, and we watched half of that in one night. It was weird as heck.... I really do like how they explained psychicness (not to be confused with the psychic Ness), though: long tangible but invisible hands. But eventually he had to go to sleep at 7ish... and then I was like "you know what, I should too!" We decided to meet again the next day for more anime funness (which incidently we finished up and are now watching an anime called "Peach Girl." which is less bizzaro and more funny.)

I then went to sleep until 9... so 2 hours. 14 hours of sleep in 69 hours. BLEH! I then kind of had to go to school, but I was feeling too tired to go so I ditched and went to the library (I know... I know...)

There I decided to check my LJ friends because, honestly, I expected Guin to have posted a "yay! I'm happy now! Danke Bugleman!" post. He did not. He posted a, well... a very depressing post. He did thank me for cheering him up, though, even if he did enter a spiral of depression afterwards. He also said he wanted to continue with the anime thing.

Now, honestly, I was hurt. Seriously. I spent 6 hours while sleep deprived (Though he didn't know that >_>) to cheer him up and as soon as I leave... BAM, dperession. It was like I didn't help at all, and that was kind of a slap to the face =( So I decided to post and say so (as well as a few other things), but then I saw and read a comment by another friend of Guin's which basically said "*SLAP* Hellooooo! We're your friends! We care about you! You've just been acting all mopey and depressing lately and TICKING US ALL OFF! We're not angry with you, just your attitude and we're sick of you taking your depression out on us. Seriously. GET A GRIP!" only much longer and less soundling like Bugle paraphjrasing someone else in truncated form. And, well, after reading that, I couldn't help but angree with her! And I replied to her and said so and then explained to Guin my own tendancies to just run away from my friends when feeling sad and do something dumb. Then I gave a fairly good castle analogy to both of our problems, which I'll link to so it doesn't take up space on your friend's page, starting with Guin's friend's response: Hey look! A castle!"

I then learned her name (Snapple, which Guin actually told me before, but, uh, I forgot =D) and we talked for a bit and she asked as to the origin to my nickname and I explained it and she thought it was cute. Hehe. First time I got THAT reaction =D And now, apparently, she added me to her friends page! Yay! Hi Snapple! You're possibly reading this now! Well, not now from my point of view since I'm still typing, but definitely now from your point of view!

I then went home at 2 and crashed for several hours. Final score: 74 hours of awake time since waking up Sunday... 14 hours of being asleep. Not very good.

I woke up a few hours later and saw that when Guin actually read all the comments he was given, he seemed to snap back to non-mopeyness, and a good deal of that seemed to be because of me and Snapple. Which is good since I had been BEEMING ALL DAY (at least the parts where I was conscious) about what a good deed I had done, though I was also slightly afraid that what I said was mildly harsh. BUT APPARENTLY NOT =D I'm glad I said it and it seemed to work, so, yay! Hopefully non-mopey Guin now! =D

So yeah. Somehow, despite being super sleep deprived, I managed to make a p_q Guin into an XD guin. And I don't care if XD technically doesn't have a pronunciation as it's a smily... I pronounce it ecksdee, so it gets an "an" and not an "a." So yeah. Sleep deprivation may be bad, but I feel good ^_^
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Me fanboy, you jain


So, if you'll recal from the monster post, I've been reading a manga entitled Violinist of Hamelin with Guin. Now, the thing with Guin is.... he's often busy with his other friends. This is fine. I've kind of known for a couple of years that, while Guin and I are pretty good friends, I am actually a fairly minor friend, at least based on observation. I say this because the two of us rarely actually DO anything together.

Though, this is not from lack of trying. I can think of at least three cases where Guin has tried to bring me a little bit further into his world. One, RO. He tried for THREE YEARS to get me to play RO, but I couldn't from lack of PC, and then when I finally got one I was all "YAY! I CAN PLAY RO!" And Guin showed me the ropes and then, by his own admition, kind of abandoned me. D'oh! So I was busy killing flowers, not really knowing what to do, which is very boring. But still, I was happy cause I was certain that Guin would come back and help me =D He didn't p_q

So yeah, RO didn't work out. He tried again, and this time we actually DID stuff together and stuff, but still, I didn't really like the game all that much, really. Oh, it was okay for a little while, but it has one fatal flaw... it's a grind based MMO and not a quest one. See, for me, grinidng gets dull REAL fast. So I'd never want to play for more than half an hour to an hour (more so if I was playing with Guin and/or Slink). That's why I like WoW so much, it's a quest based MMO. See, quests give me a sense of direction and a motivation. Why should I go kill wolves until I have 10 wolf pets? Because the guy freaking TOLD me to! That's why! I have a reason to do something other than "it gives me exp." THis is not to say EXP is bad or whatever, it's just not ENOUGH of a motivator for me. The other thing that I love about WoW is instances and the sense of co-operation. Seriously. I love running instances.

Man am I getting side tracked. ANYWAY, the 2nd instance I can think of was the RP community. And I think that if I actually applied myself, I could have a bit of fun there, but I've always been to lazy to do it >_< Guin kind of realized this and stopped bugging me about it, though I wajor after reading this he may ask me about it again, because I do actually think that I would enjoy it if I tried... the thing is getting pased my irrational xenophobia and gettine me to actually TRY it.

The third instance is VoH, obviously.

There are probably more, but those are really the only three I can think of off hand. So yeah, I've always been kind of a minor friend on the outskirts of Guin's circle that really barely knows anyone else within it (I kinda know FK and Slink and that's about it, really...), but that doesn't stop us from enjoying each other's company immensly, right?

ANYWAY! Back to the point... VoH, right? And Guin being busy. Well, a lot of the time Guin would say "oh, maybe later tonight" and I'd kind of sit there expectantly and go "Yay! I get to VoH with Guin!" and then he'd go "oh wait. Sorry, this took longer than I thought and I'm getting tired and going to bed =(" This'd make me sad, but I understood. As I said before, Guin has more of a social life than me. Oh, and while I'd drop just about anything to hang out with Guin, there's no way in heck he'd ever do the same for me =P

So it's really a great thing when I actually get to sit down and read this with Guin because it means a lot to me. Guin and I don't really do all that much anymore, really, and VoH is a huge project that lets us do stuff together, though not often enough, sadly. Still, the main point is we have fun reading it together, despite the people who kind of look at us funny and go "You're reading manga....... together...... over the internet? WAH?!?"

So over spring break, I told him "Hey, I have spring break, so I'm toally free whenever you are! \o/" Which really means "Hey? Can we VoH now? Please? No? Well, soon okay? Pleeeeeeease?" since I'm rarely the one who's busy (like how once I had a headache when he wanted to VoH so I called it off =( ). He said "well, not today, and I'm kinda busy tomorrow, so let's set aside Wednesday!" "Okay!" So tomorrow came and I was like "So, when tomorrow?" "I dunno, but I want to get some in tonight after I finish packing." So yeah, I kind of waitedc for Guin to finish, which otok a couple hours longer than he thought he would (I blame him being lazy =P) and then we got to read! Yay! Oh, wait... your friend IMed you with drama and kicked you out of the mood? Awwww, okay =(

So anyway, finally, on Wednesday, we got to read a lot. I was hoping we could catch up to the present translated stuff because Guin left for Korea the next day, but, sadly, it was not meant to be =( And he said he was going to read some while off duty in Korea since he wouldn't have wireless, so I should read on my own. Now, I really, REALLY don't want to read any on my own, but I guess I will now =( See, I really wanted to treat VoH as a group project, but I guess sometimes you don't get what you want, you know? So anyway, I'm waiting for Guin to come back from Korea so I know how much to read. I won't read more than he does! I want to get in as much group VoH as possible. So yeah... And we're getting into such interesting stuff now! But yeah, we didn't finish =(

Guin actually found out that he DID have wireless, though, so yay! And I asked him if this meant VoH, but he said no p_q BUT maybe he wireless will distract him from VoH enough that he doesn't read any! \o/ That's what I'm secretly hoping, so that when he comes back and says "man, I read no VoH =(" I can go "SAME HERE! LET'S READ!" "OKAY!" *read read read*

Also, one night last week I was up very late for some reason and I looked and went to see iof Guin was on AIM... AND HE WAS =D So I was all "hey, you're alive!" "I am!" "How's Korea?" "Koreaish?" "ENjoying yourself?" "Moderately?" "Well, that's moderately good then!" and so on! ANd man... we talked for hours about EVERYTHING. It's been awhile since we'd just sit there and talk about whatever, since usually whenever one of us would AIM the other, it'd be about one thing, which we'd discuss, then I'd find I'd have nothing more to say and since he multitasks like a mad man, he'd not really notice the lack of input from me for awhile and when he does he just assumes the conversation is over or whatnot, which it is by that point. But yeah! We actually talked a lot to one another =D And this just made me happy and stuff. Especially since the thing we talked about the most was OJD which is GUIN WORKS! =D I <3 Guin works so much, man, I'm eventually going to mary them >_> Seriously.

You know... fun fact... Chibi once thought a few months ago that Guin was my best friend because of how I spoke of him. Heh. How I wish! Guin would be an awesome best friend! But no, I corrected him that Guin was not my best friend and never could possibly be. No, we are simply friends, and friends who enjoy each other's company a lot, but just often don't have much to say to one another. As it stands, I no longer have a best friend, and the one I did have I would consider best friend only in title, as I much preferred other friends to him, actually (and still do!). No, I am not Guin's best friend, as cool as that would be. I am simply a fanboy :)
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BEHOLD! The monster post!

That's right, monster post. This is 18.33 pages long, 11,007 words long (counting the “lj-cut text” stuff, so it won’t come out exact if you just copy/paste), a whopping 45,958 characters long (not counting spaces. 57,714 counting them!), 125 paragraphs, and a mighty 842 lines! All these figures count these opening couple of paragraphs as well.

The point of this monster post is to highlight nifty events from up to 3 months or more ago. So, yeah. MONSTER post. It really should have been posted a log time ago, but it wasn’t, so I’m correcting that. In almost 19 pages. Woah! Anyway, let’s get started.

Meeting Haplo and Fusi =OCollapse )

OkageCollapse )

X-mas swag.Collapse )

California success and failure.Collapse )

World of WarcraftCollapse )

Battleforge Games.Collapse )

Violinist of HamelinCollapse )

SoraCollapse )

And…. That’s it! And I was right. I didn’t make it to page 20. This is the very beginning of 19 right here. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed those EIGHTEEN PAGES OF RECAPPING. This took me awhile to write. Over a week, since I kept doing other things in between. Thank you for your patience, especially if you read the whole thing. That’s it. Til next time.

-A very tired from writing Bugle.
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I also feel the need to say Guin's deppression is arffecting me once again. Sigh. Stupid empathy.

Not as bad as in the Slink case, though, which is good, but I think that's because there's less drama. So far. Good luck Guin.

Also, I have no idea what I'm doing regarding RO yet. Shrug. It depends on Guin mostly, cause I have no real reason to play unless he asks me. I should work on my archer quests, though. I haven't been playing last week due to the human self destuct incident and Guin being at drill. Maybe today.

Also also, I watched Firefly last week since I was pretty much bed ridden for the most part. This doesn't fit in with the rest of this post, but I don't feel like firing 3 posts off one after the other. Firefly was really good. I watched it with Haplo over the internet. All 14 episodes. We're watching Serenity tonight, in theory.
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Return to Ragnarok?

So, I started Ragnarok when I did which was, ummmm, a few months ago. And then...


Like, in September. Or August? Regardless, bah.

So I stopped.

Now, today he was all "p_q Bugle, come back! I need you! Come back and we'll frolick in the fields on fridays!" So I'm like "Okay."

Only it wasn't like that at all.

Regardless, I may be going back to RO soon.

Only to have Guin Abandon me AGAIN, probably >_>

Because I'm whipped.

I'm in an abusive relationship with Guin! Waaaaah. Why can't I say no? *CRACK* I mean, um. Guin loves me and wants only the best for me. Yeah.

(send help)

Seriously, though, if Guin doesn't abandon me LIKE A JERK again, I'm gonna restart RO, which should be fine, yes? Maybe?

Yeah, I'm whipped >_>
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Guin wins.

So, I decided to go for a walk. Right before my walk, though, Guin AiMed me and made me less foul... BY LYING TO ME!


The Guindo: Birdo?
E Bugle of W: ?
The Guindo: Well
The Guindo: How about Hudson Hawk?
E Bugle of W: ?
The Guindo: ... /hmm
The Guindo: American Eagle?
E Bugle of W: Why are you listing birds?
The Guindo: You said you were in a fowl mood :(
E Bugle of W: Or dinosaurs, as the case may be.
E Bugle of W: ... I see.
E Bugle of W: I need to think more when I type.
The Guindo: XD
The Guindo: rofl
The Guindo: well you said foul
E Bugle of W: ...
The Guindo: but I thought the joke would help cheer you up some :(
E Bugle of W: YOU LIED TO ME! =P
E Bugle of W: It worked!
The Guindo: :D)-\
E Bugle of W: Because you totally had me going there.
The Guindo: XD
The Guindo: AWESOME
E Bugle of W: I was so "... I did? But... no, I'm not that dumb, am I?"
The Guindo: XD
E Bugle of W: And I checked!
E Bugle of W: Hmm, I wonder if Gullible is in the dictionary?
The Guindo: rofl :(
E Bugle of W: Danke.
E Bugle of W: You should right a book.
The Guindo: You're welcome. XD
E Bugle of W: "Using the Art of Deception to Cheer People up"
The Guindo: <3

Guin wins.

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Souls, boyfriends, and dark fuchsia Gods

Haplo: So, I have this odd desire to purchase something online.
CP8948: Hay Stoves
Haplo: I don't care what. I just want to shop. >_>
2:10 PM
Sony: Verizon is a sack of liers
CP8948: My band binder is hawt >.>
Bugle: I would allow you to purchase my soul, but another already owns it.
Bugle: Eh, that hasn't stopped me before.
Sony: they said they would up my internet speed and I have yet to see any increase
Bugle: WTS: 1 Human soul! Slightly used!
Haplo: You've already sold your soul, Bugle?
Bugle: No.
Bugle: It was taken.
Haplo: Given?
Haplo: oh!
Haplo: Nasty persons!
Bugle: Nah.
CP8948 hasn't sold her soul >.>
Bugle: It comes with the worship of a Dark God, you know.
Haplo: A dark fuchsia god?
Bugle: Yes!
Stovaa: I haven't sold my soul
Bugle: ^_^
Sony: I want to sell my soul but no one will buy it ;_;
Haplo: I attempt to steal Fusi's every now and then, but he has managed to keep it.
StrudelNinja: it's all scuffed up and shit
Stovaa: my fiancée just presumes it's hers :(
Bugle: Well, try harder.
Haplo: Women are always cold because we don't have souls. That's why we're interested in boys at all. We want to steal theirs so that we can be warm.
Bugle: Maybe you could buy it from him?
Bugle: I see.
Haplo nods
chatbot: Radio KOL: Finger Eleven - Walking In My Shoes - Merik - Sleepy Panda Radio - djmerik@gmail.com 24kbps: 12/150 64kbps: 63/150
Bugle: Guess I'm not interesting to you now that you know my soul has been taken.
Bugle: =(
Haplo: Bugle, maybe I can get him into enough debt to me that he gives it to me in payment. >_>
CP8948 is now called CP|Jobness
Bugle: Maybe!
Haplo: Aw, you're still interesting, Bugle.
Haplo: 'cause you're not a boy, you're a buffalo!
Bugle: Psh.
Bugle: p_q
Haplo: What, no link?
2:15 PM
Bugle points to sign http://www.chiliahedron.com/sign.png

Oh, and a not a buffalo sign >_>
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Dark God

You know, I've mentioned the Dark God many times before, and I'm sure you're all aware that he's very dark... but I've never mentioned his color.

Obviously, he's dark Fuchsia. Yes, dark Fuchsia. I don't know how it works, but it does.

Dark Fuchsia.

That is a remarkably HARD word to spell, by the way. Fuchsia. Seriously, took me forever to find out how it was spelled. Fuchsia.

Sounds dirty if pronounced phonetically...