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BEHOLD! The monster post!

That's right, monster post. This is 18.33 pages long, 11,007 words long (counting the “lj-cut text” stuff, so it won’t come out exact if you just copy/paste), a whopping 45,958 characters long (not counting spaces. 57,714 counting them!), 125 paragraphs, and a mighty 842 lines! All these figures count these opening couple of paragraphs as well.

The point of this monster post is to highlight nifty events from up to 3 months or more ago. So, yeah. MONSTER post. It really should have been posted a log time ago, but it wasn’t, so I’m correcting that. In almost 19 pages. Woah! Anyway, let’s get started.

Meeting Haplo and Fusi =OCollapse )

OkageCollapse )

X-mas swag.Collapse )

California success and failure.Collapse )

World of WarcraftCollapse )

Battleforge Games.Collapse )

Violinist of HamelinCollapse )

SoraCollapse )

And…. That’s it! And I was right. I didn’t make it to page 20. This is the very beginning of 19 right here. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed those EIGHTEEN PAGES OF RECAPPING. This took me awhile to write. Over a week, since I kept doing other things in between. Thank you for your patience, especially if you read the whole thing. That’s it. Til next time.

-A very tired from writing Bugle.
dragon, little boy blue, announcement


I also feel the need to say Guin's deppression is arffecting me once again. Sigh. Stupid empathy.

Not as bad as in the Slink case, though, which is good, but I think that's because there's less drama. So far. Good luck Guin.

Also, I have no idea what I'm doing regarding RO yet. Shrug. It depends on Guin mostly, cause I have no real reason to play unless he asks me. I should work on my archer quests, though. I haven't been playing last week due to the human self destuct incident and Guin being at drill. Maybe today.

Also also, I watched Firefly last week since I was pretty much bed ridden for the most part. This doesn't fit in with the rest of this post, but I don't feel like firing 3 posts off one after the other. Firefly was really good. I watched it with Haplo over the internet. All 14 episodes. We're watching Serenity tonight, in theory.