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THree days of accomplishments this time!

3 days, wee...

Sunday: Ugh, I don't even know. I can't think of anything now, and couldn't then either.

1) Beat boss 4 in Imperishable Night (Touhou), so I can practice the 4th stage now (something I guess...)
2) Didn't die at work? Ugh... This feels like such a cop out answer now...


1) Didn't blow up despite a lot of very little things going wrong, thus making it a very annoying day most of the day at work.
2) Role played a scene from F&M with myself at work. Totally going to be an awesome scene, if I ever get to writing that.

1) Went to the dentist and was told my teeth that are on watch are improving! Okay, technically this is an accomplishment over a series of days that add up to about 6 months, but still, I didn't KNOW about it until today
2) Wrote all the F&M stuff I thought up over the weekend down so I won't forget it (was too tired after work all these days)
3) Fixed my first bug in the CMC code today
4) GOT 8 HOURS ON A TUESDAY! YEAH! I think my body is finally starting to adjust to this whole "Work all the time, never stop" plan I'm telling it to do. I'm hoping to hit 32 hours this week.
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SO LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY DA- no, more F&M stuff.

Oh man, guys, I actually finished Fen's 100 (91) questions! That's kind of awesome, right?!?

Well, by finished I meant I got to the end. There's a few questions I want to revisit (like personal appearance) and tweak a bit, but I still actually did it all! And almost all today (I did like the first 2 and a half yesterday)!

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The plan

First off, my computer troubles are over and everything's fine. My new computer has a lot of cool things about it (the most awesome of which being that the maximum volume is no longer just softer than ideal), and all is well again.

But more importantly, I think I know what I'm going to do with F&M. Over the weekend (Fri-Sun), I'm going to try and answer these questions in full (well, all the ones that apply, which is like 90 of them? Even less if you don't count the ones that I have answered as "not yet" but kept on the template for once they do apply, even if they don't currently due to age reasons) for the two main-main characters, and as much as I can for the not-quite-as-main-main characters. Then I'm going to try and flesh out (but not as in detail) the rest of the students in their class for grade 7, the teacher, the school, the family members, and maybe a few other details as necessary.

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Stuffity stuff

Well, I got my new mac. And then backed up from the wrong backup >_< But I'm working on fixing that (currently deleting the account with the bad backup, already made an account with the good one, but the deletion si taking FOREVER). So Soon all will be right again.

Though because of this error, I had to do more driving, and on this drive I came up with just a couple of awesome character traits for Max, and guys can you tell I'm excited to be working on this again? Cause I really am. I'm going to start plotting out all the classmates, and I've already got a lot of decent ideas, I think. I'm actually kind of impressed how easily these characters are creating themselves, since I never really saw myself as a great character builder... but I dunno, maybe I actually -am- and just never realized it. Looking at how often I've helped with Guin's characters (and even created minor ones), or RP characters, maybe I actually am really good at making characters! Which is kind of awesome for a story along these lines as it's going to be like 95% character development and 5% more character development. Seriously =|

I kind of don't want to get started, though, until I'm done setting up my mac, but it's just sitting there with NO PROGRESS BAR deleting the bad account and I have no idea when it's going to end. But I'd just feel more comfortable working on the mac, than this computer for this kind of thing. UGH, stupid idosyncroses. WHY I HAVE SO MANY?

Edit: IT JUST FINISHED, no kidding. Like as soon as I hit post.


But seriously, though, today's been a fairly awesome, yet busy, day. WELL IT WAS ANYWAY.
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making another entry!

At work! On my phone!

I'm feeling a bit better, actually, though that just may be because I'm in work mode? I dunno.

But actually, I think I figured out what I'm gonna do with F&M now that I'm not all "boohoo I r the fail" about it. My biggest problem is "waaaah, 1w years is too muuuuuuch" so why not halve it? I know I can't write kids too terribly well, so why not just skip to middle school? Where I think I can write them better? Good idea, right?!? And just flashback to them as kids whenever necessary, or just for fun, or whatever. Have the "story" start at 7th grade and go from there. Though the first story will still totally be them meeting. Cause, to me, that's just got to be the starting point. And yeah, me writing kids is gonna suck, but it's where they -have- to start. Hopefully I can do it well enough to be a decent starting point, yeah?

I also figure it's gotta be humans. I just do not feel comfortable writing anthros for a variety of reasons, so it's gotta be human. I dunno what I'll do with Fen's ear, but I'll figure something out. Maybe I'll just severely damage it so he can't hear with it instead of physically removing it. I just don't know.

I also figure they'll go to a montessori school for 1-8, like me, so it'll start in a montessori setting. Kind of cool, maybe? I never see school settings in anything other than the standard format, and it'd be interesting to see if I can pull of a montessori setting off well. Who knows? We'll see.

This probably means the class is gonna be relatively small too. Like 1pish people. So I'll want to plot them all out fairly well. Until HS anyway, where things will change drastically! Awesome, yeah?

I figure, though, that this'll just be a casual hobby. Work on it once or twice a week, but I'm gonna try to definitely do SOMETHING each week, rather than blow it off. I figure if it's so important to me I still wish I could write it more than 4 years after dreaming it up, that I should just do it. Who knows, might do me some good?

I also figure if I actually write more than, like... 5 stories (calling them chapters doesn't feel right since it's not a huge book but rather a collection of short stories centered around them for 8 years), I'll post it somewhere more public. Dunno where, though. But I just feel like it's something I wanna share with more than just the people I know.

Anyway, enough rambling! Just figured i'd let you guys know my plans!hopefully I'll stick to 'em.
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How sad...

How horribly, horribly sad...

Well, it's august, which means I need to finish story 1 by September. My goal is to write 1 story a month. Wish me luck.

How tragic...

And, as you can probably guess, not every story will be happy since there will be a lot of them and it'll be about their lives, which aren't always happy.

How disheartening...

And I have something in store for Fen that is Gods AWFUL, and I don't want to do it, but... it has to happen. And it makes me sad. I will probably cry when I write it.

How horrible...

I'm sorry Fen. Sometimes the Gods can be cruel, but sometimes, the Gods have no control over what will happen.

I'm sorry.