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Stiiiiill too tired for a proper posts

You thought I wouldn't be too tired today, BUT JOKE'S ON YOU, I AM!

Mostly cause I didn't really have the time to update this before, sorry. I'll try for sometime this week. But yeah, the day just kind of... got away from me with all the stuff I'd been doing.

1) Made some MORE phone calls re: Conquest because I wanted to make sure it was actually available before I got it. WHen I called it wasn't, but when they called it was. So I got conquest, huzzah!
2) Made even MORE MORE phone calls about the latest Sonic comic, which I missed due to accidentally renewing my subscription too late. Everyone local was out of stock, so I had to buckle down and order it online, paying twice what it actually costs due to shipping (le sigh). But I still actually DID IT instead of continuing to put it off, so a downer but stil and accomplishment.
3) I made just about 6 hours of work on CMC today! Not the 8 hours I hoped for, but still! 6 hours is a lot when previously it's usually been 0-4, closer to 0. 4+ will be breaking that down some.
4) Wrote a lot of organization stuff that should have been done earlier but wasn't due to the excitement of beta. Woops. But it's done now, so *tick*, mark it off the list of things to get done
5) Did a lot of beta related stuff.
6) Made a few UI suggestions. I have a thread devoted to how I'd improve the UI in various areas of the site, and I'm hopingI can get to the point where I can impliment them myself, as making GUIs is actually fun,despite my not having a great sense of aesthetics. It's odd that I think I have a good sense for UIs regardless of poor general aesthetics, though... so maybe I'm just able to recall what I consider to be good UI especially well? I dunno, I'm sure there's some explanation. And I'm pretty sure it's not "I actually suck at UI," despite occam's razor =P
7) I got a decent start into conquest... Hey, a guy's gotta take breaks! I played maybe 3-3.5 hours of conquest compared to the 6 hours of work I did, so that's not too bad, right?!?

relatedly, Ultros directed me towards this: http://gottcode.org/kapow/ which should hopefully help me keep track of my CMC hours better. Awesome stuff
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Sometimes I can be pretty awesome, you know that?

First a song! This has nothing to do witht he rest of the post, I just REALLY like it. Guin said it was "okay I guess" and he is entitled to that opinion even if he -is- wrong. Personally, I love it AND the game it came from and am currently trying to do EVERYTHING in Sonic Generations (I'm maybe half way done S-ing everything >_> and I've got a few random trophies to collect and such too.). I could go on for AGES about how awesome Generations is, but I doubt any of you would want to read it. Pick it up if you're a Sonic fan!

ANYWAY, in more important news, I am about to sit down and start reading up on scripting in the Unity engine since I need to do that and I can't focus at work >_> I'm having a bit of trouble focusing here too just cause I keep needing to do small little things, but I think that's all taken care of now and I can sit down and try and freaking study. Huzzah!

But in even more important news, I did my good deed for the week in that I gave an acquaintance at HEB (my paying but otherwise vastly inferior job) the contact info of one of my new "bosses" (They're technically my bosses, but it sure doesn't feel like it! And I doubt they really think of themselves as such either) since she's looking to get into the industry too. I did tell her it's not paying yet, but hey, it's -something- right? She's going to send over a resume/portfolio etc soonish I'm hoping. She was SO EXCITED, it was kind of cute.

so who is this game artist girl anyway? Sounds like time for a history lesson!Collapse )

Anyway, that's it for now, I guess! Just though I'd share as people might find it interesting. Guess it's time to get studying.
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First Day

So first day was kind of cool. We didn't do much cause they were kind of relaxing from the stuff they'd been doing the last couple weeks. They got me set up a bit, and we did a little work, and the rest was just goofing off and lunch and stuff.

Game designers are awesome.

Also, interestingly enough, my sisters both had awesome work related stuff occur today too. Sarah graduated from the manager's program at HEB (She's going to work there still while getting her master's), and Rachel got two stage managing gigs back to back. Everyone went out to celebrate but me cause I was feeling too sick, but regardless... It's cool stuff!
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I'm probably gonna do a bit later this evening (after a nap), but I figured "eh, holiday, so what if I'm royally behind? >_>" MAYBE NOT THE BEST PLAN, but sometimes a guy's gotta be lazy =(

It helps that writing interactive dialogue is pretty freaking hard. Guin's all DIALOGUE IS EASY =D but adding the whole interactive element really adds so much complexity. Every time the player speaks, there needs to be exactly 3 possible response, and they all have to be significantly different. To make things more confusing, if the conversation has multiple key points that HAVE to get across to the player, then you have to make it so that whatever the player choseses, it has to tie in to introducing the next key point somehow. This takes a bit of planning.

I'll try and show you what I mean with my conversation 2, since it's a) the biggest and b) the most important conversation in the whole quest I'm supposed to script out. I'll put in my own notes [in brackets of course!] to hopefully help you guys understand how this whole thing works.

ANyway, I should have most of the convos done by the end of tomorrow, so expect at least one then. I should have them all done (at least first draft done) by monday! Then 3 classes after monday, they should be done. We'll see how it works.
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Assuming I don't slack off royally. Which I shouldn't Cause I need dialogues done! Probably won't be all 9, though.

Thanksgiving was alright. No fasting this year, but the family was supposed to make me sausage so I'd have some meat, but they didn't have time =( So I had bread and a potato, and that's it =D And a pie later, I suppose. Then we watched 12 Angry Men to put some culture into my sisters. It was good times!
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Writing, Writing, and Writing

You might think I'm repeating myself, but really, I have three different topics.

They just all happen to involve writing. Just different types

Writing 1)

My IW teacher says that, provided I don't tank the final project, I'll get an easy A! WEEE! He also says I have more As on individual assignments than anyone else. I GUESS I BETTER START WORK ON THE FINAL, JA? I'm thinking of talking to him next week about... maybe possibly jobinating? That'd be cool.

While I don't know if IW is what I want to do for the rest of my life since I like a LOT of aspects of design, including the writing... but I also like world building. And scripting. And mechanics building. And a lot, really! But here I am in contact with one of the BIGGEST names in story for video games... so why not go for it? Worst that happens is he says no, best... I get a job! And there's a lot of inbetweens too, really. Don't want to wednesday since I haven't shown him anything on the final project yet and also it's right before Thanksgiving, so next monday or wednesday would be good, depending on the status of my final. HERE'S HOPING?

I will TRY to show you guys what I'm doing final project wise.

Writing 2)

Guin has posted the first chapter of Angel's Creed here. For those unaware, AC is a high comedic fantasy with the core concept of "the winners write the history books." It's quite an interesting story, and you guys should check it out! And not just because a decent chunk of the content is inspired by, created by, or looked at funny by yours truly. He's looking for good feedback, so check it out, guys!

Writing 3)

I'm putting this in because it completes the trifecta and, well, it's kind of funny. Despite the OMG GUINing I've been doing, the majority of my fanboy hasn't been directed at him. But rather Slink.

Yeah, that's right. Guin's #1 fan is fanboying on Slink MORE than Guin right now, thanks to Tezakia Quest. What can I say, I like the game, I like the characters, I like where the story's going so far (slow as it is), and I think I'm getting addicted to questy thingies in general.

I do hope Guin isn't going to get jealous =D
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Current, future, and potential projects*:

Elementia... STILL.
4.0 version of 600 AD from CT! YEAH, I'M DOING IT! WOO!
The now unnamed tactics game
Make sure Sekani stays alive, despite Guin's meddling.
School stuff

A dragon age module, with a bunch of school peoples helping out

Said questy thingy from yesterday
Some drawing draining. Basic stuff, nothing crazytastic

*Scrapped projects that I won't work on any more are not listed here. Nor is anything writing wise (by which I mean novelesque, not interactive fiction). If I write again, maybe some of those projects will be brought back, but I'm not now and don't intend to for a bit.

Wow, I thought I had a lot more than that >_> the school stuff is 2 or 3 projects, but nothing too scary.

I already started working on the 600 AD bit. I'll probably gush a bit more about that as it develops <3 WE SHALL SEE!
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OH YEAH, the thing of awesome that happened today

I intended to write about this after it happened, but got caught up in other stuff, then forgot all about it when I made the first post today.

The thing of not so awesome was I prepared for 2 projects today: presentation of an assignment and a test... both of which have been delayed to monday =|

BUT THE AWESOME THING... needs some setting up.

So, my Interactive Writing Class, as most/many/all/a few/some/-4πi/64 of you know, is taught by Daniel Erickson, Lead writier for bioware Austin. But, as lead writer, he kind of has duties elsewhere as well. In this case, he had to go to SFO and Lucas Arts Entertainment (You know, since he's working on Star Wars Old Republic MMO). Anyway, when he's away, we get a sub, as often happens. But the cool thing is the sub happens to work for him.

Anyway, after class, I decided to talk to the sub about stuff like... what bioware writer's training was like, what it was like writing there, etc... and I mentioned that I was interested since... game writing was something I'd been considering for awhile now, and after the course I think I'd be able to do it... SOMEWHERE, just not at Bioware.

He told me not to sell my self short, and that Bioware's totally had loads of junior writers blossom into great writers... and when I asked if anyone from the ACC program had gotten in yet (since Daniel's taught this A few times now), he said no... but that might be because no one has asked him yet.

...I'd been thinking about asking him what he thought of my chances in the last week or two of class.

...I guess it's good to know my chances are a lot greater than 0%! \o/