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Yay, accomplishments are back!


I'm finally out of sick and/or constantly working so constantly tired land, so accomplishments return! Yay!

And I got to work again today! AWESOME! I also had multiple important conversations to help people work through things, so that's good too. I won't go into those terribly in depth as they're moderately personal, but accomplishments will have a summary

1) Made 5.3 hours. Which, while not 8, is not bad for the first day after an accidental 2 week vacation. I also got up really late, so that helped keep it low. Also, what I was working on today was very stressful, so 5 hours is actually pretty good, all things considered!
2) Helped talk someone through a problem they were having with our work environment in CMC. They haven't come to a conclusive decision with regards to their problem, but they've also got more information as to what decision they'll make.
3) Talked with someone else I really needed to a long time ago cause we've both been getting kind of snippy at each other. The talk started poorly, but ended up well, so overall a good thing.
4) Relearned there are two sides to a story and sometimes it's best not to form an opinion if you don't know everything (which I absolutely do not)
5) Remembered something I can't talk about here, but hey, I did it so it still counts!
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I'm tired, so I'm keeping this short

It was my Mom's birthday today!

We went to T.G.I Friday's (I'd never been there before), which is freaking expensive and the pasta I got was not worth what my parents had to pay for it =| That's what I get for buying pasta at an expensive restaurant that wasn't of the Italian variety. Shoulda got a burger... oh well.

Anyway, after that, we saw Braveheart. I'd never seen it before (because my mom wanted me to see it on the Big screen, so was holding off on it). It was pretty good!


1) Did birthday stuff for my mom!
2) Finished the rewording project (well, part 1 of many)
3) GOT MY 32 HOURS IN ONE WEEK, WOOOOOOOOOOO! I AM THE GREATEST! Now that I did that, I can do it any week! Yeah! Okay, there will probably be some that I don't quite manage to for some reason or another, but I think I'll be able to pull it off (or close to it) rather reliably. Here's hoping!
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THree days of accomplishments this time!

3 days, wee...

Sunday: Ugh, I don't even know. I can't think of anything now, and couldn't then either.

1) Beat boss 4 in Imperishable Night (Touhou), so I can practice the 4th stage now (something I guess...)
2) Didn't die at work? Ugh... This feels like such a cop out answer now...


1) Didn't blow up despite a lot of very little things going wrong, thus making it a very annoying day most of the day at work.
2) Role played a scene from F&M with myself at work. Totally going to be an awesome scene, if I ever get to writing that.

1) Went to the dentist and was told my teeth that are on watch are improving! Okay, technically this is an accomplishment over a series of days that add up to about 6 months, but still, I didn't KNOW about it until today
2) Wrote all the F&M stuff I thought up over the weekend down so I won't forget it (was too tired after work all these days)
3) Fixed my first bug in the CMC code today
4) GOT 8 HOURS ON A TUESDAY! YEAH! I think my body is finally starting to adjust to this whole "Work all the time, never stop" plan I'm telling it to do. I'm hoping to hit 32 hours this week.
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Failure! Or is it?

I only got 3 hours in today! p_q

Though really, it's not entirely my fault. The 3 major things I wanted to do today were all unavailable for some reason or another, so I couldn't really work on them.

Though not working all day made the summer depression hit, oi. Yeah, it's definitely there, but I think the burying myself in work thing is absolutely helping, so I'm going to keep at it.

So yeah, today was an off day, but... On the other hand, kind of humbling in a good way. I can't always expect to put in a full day, and off days do happen. So it's kind of good this happened so early. Sure, last week ended on a 5 hour day, but that still passes my 4 hour benchline I'd been trying to do minimum.

And I still did 25 hours total this week! Not quite the 26 I did last week, but still comprable! And I'm trying to do a minimum of 24 a week, so still a success, just not on a daily meter for today.

And it's not like 3 hours is a bad investment.

So it kinda sucks, but oh well! I'm still new at this, and for a second week it's still pretty awesome. Here's hoping week 3 is also awesome.

1) I helped Guin with a few important parts in his book!
2) I kept my sister entertained on the phone while she was driving home and just needed someone to talk to.
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So, we had a meeting today! And it... surprisingly wasn't absurdly long! Not even 4 hours! They usually take longer, with one taking about EIGHT. Ugh, that one was rough.

Naturally, i can't really talk about what goes on in the meetings, but hey, it happened! I'm getting the hang of this manager thing.

1) Oversaw a meeting!
2) Made my 8 hours! 2 days in a row, woo!
3) Did a lot of organization stuff that needed done. Again.
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Updates are pretty boring when all I did is work

Yeah... I guess I also succeeded in conquering another nation the turn after the previous one in Conquest, but that's not terribly noteworthy.

1) Got just under 8 hours again, woo!
2) Organized a lot of stuff that needed organizing, and pointed out that past us was pretty dumb in a few spots.
3) Gave a friend advice on how to handle a situation, which ended up being the right advice
4) Encouraged Phif to test some more of Beta (he wants to be a professional tester, so I feel encouraging him to do so while he has the chance is a good idea.
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You know, I think I'm going to like mondays for a bit...

Assuming I get the same HEB schedule of Sa-M and Tu-F off... Yeah! I get super excited about my work week and how I'm gonna make CMC profitable that much sooner! YEAH!

It's kind of cool. Ever since hitting the beta milestone for NGC (with NGC hopefully soon to follow, but that feels less milestoney ironically enough), I feel invigorated! I know this is possible now and not just a pipe dream, though we've got a long way to go and there's lots of work to be done. But I think we can do that work! And morale is pretty high right now, I think. Here's hoping we'll be able to get started on milestone 2 soon! I'm so excited, it's not even funny... I'm going to do this!

Meanwhile my dad is constantly saying I should use the skills I'm using on CMC elsewhere... i.e. get paid for it. Damn it, dad! This is where I want to me! I'm doing something that's (partially) mine, and leading people I already know and trust! I do not want to abandon this project before seeing it through to the end! Besides, that'd look horrible on a resume... "Was awesome up until the point where he decided he needed money to continue being awesome." It really ticks me off every time he mentions it... Grrrrr.


1) Survived 3 days of HEB work and came out early all 3! Hat trick!
2) Helped a couple order a cake for ther 18th wedding anniversary! I know that's not a round number, but still... 18 is pretty significant! And I'm glad I could help them get what they want (it wasn't there when they dropped by late at night =( )
3) Finished the first half of Pokemon Conquest! I'm ahead in game time wise of the others I know, but behind gameplay wise. i.e. I've got to where I am faster in game time than they did at the same point. We'll see if I can maintain that.
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2 days worth

I forgot yesterday *sob*

1) Finished Korra! Oh man!
2) Got off work early. Yesterday was not very exciting.

1) Actually had a very pleasant day at work and came home surprisingly untired! Also got off early.
2) Enjoyed a meeting at work instead of, you know... just being there waiting for it to end. And I was participating actively!
3) Finished a CMC project we've been working on for weeks! Well "finished." It still needs to be implemented, but that's the easy part
4) Looked up the hours of that prof I wanted to thank! He gets out of his class on M/W at 12:55, so I'll try and be there a little before then!