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So let me tell you about my day yesterday

Get up at roughly 9:30
Leave for work at roughly 11:00
Arrive at work at roughly 11:30 Phil is playing Darksiders and critiquing the art in an area that the player is expected to not notice the more subtle art cause you're supposed to just be running up the stairs =P so I watch him do that and he gets to the first boss, which I go into a tirade about how poorly designed she is. And after attempting her a few times, Phil agrees. For the record, I don't think Darksiders is a bad game, it just has a terrible first boss.
Roughly 12:00 we stop playing Dark Siders and start playing Supersonic acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Yes, that is the actual name for a game and it is awesome. It is soccer. With cars.
Roughly 1:30 I introduce him to Extra Credits and mention we should probably watch as much of it as we can when we have the time.
Roughly 2:00 We begin working on a simple task that needs a bit of finagling to get right
Roughly 2:45 Phil gets a text saying DIII is in open beta starting 45 minutes ago. Right as I was almost about to solve the problem we were having. My brain shuts down and all either of us can think of is "Get onto beta server." It takes us some time to get on, as we needed to download the client and also the server was capped due to some problem or other so we needed to spam "log me in," but eventually we got on and between the two of us test all 5 classes.
Roughly 7:00 Stop playing Diablo *cough* go home

So yeah. I was ALMOST productive. But not quite.
dragon, little boy blue, announcement

New new computer

Yup, I just bought ANOTHER new computer. I got it for work cause my old PC had internet connectivity problems, a 5 minute battery life, and was still running Vista and the Win7 thing I bought wouldn't work on it (le sigh). Oh, and more importantly, it was handling the editor we're using here a tad slugishly. So yeah, it was a long overdue upgrade and that last bit pushed it over the edge.

So far... it's a pretty nice computer! I'm not quite used to the keyboard placement (it's further to the left than normal to make room for the numpad, and for whatever reason i am constantly missing the space bar), nor am I quite used to 7 yet (but it's been less obnoxious than Vista so far, anyway). And it is also quite empty. Outside of Waterfox and Unity, it doesn't really have much yet. I'll probably be downloading various things in the near future, though,to fix that.

Oh, it's also heavy as hell. Man is it heavy. It's like a giant black brick. A giant black brick built for playing video games~ And, uh, making them too, I suppose. The folks here at Red Ladder approved of it, though, which is cool. And I do too, which is important!

in which I talk about money a little bit, probably boringCollapse )
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Sometimes I can be pretty awesome, you know that?

First a song! This has nothing to do witht he rest of the post, I just REALLY like it. Guin said it was "okay I guess" and he is entitled to that opinion even if he -is- wrong. Personally, I love it AND the game it came from and am currently trying to do EVERYTHING in Sonic Generations (I'm maybe half way done S-ing everything >_> and I've got a few random trophies to collect and such too.). I could go on for AGES about how awesome Generations is, but I doubt any of you would want to read it. Pick it up if you're a Sonic fan!

ANYWAY, in more important news, I am about to sit down and start reading up on scripting in the Unity engine since I need to do that and I can't focus at work >_> I'm having a bit of trouble focusing here too just cause I keep needing to do small little things, but I think that's all taken care of now and I can sit down and try and freaking study. Huzzah!

But in even more important news, I did my good deed for the week in that I gave an acquaintance at HEB (my paying but otherwise vastly inferior job) the contact info of one of my new "bosses" (They're technically my bosses, but it sure doesn't feel like it! And I doubt they really think of themselves as such either) since she's looking to get into the industry too. I did tell her it's not paying yet, but hey, it's -something- right? She's going to send over a resume/portfolio etc soonish I'm hoping. She was SO EXCITED, it was kind of cute.

so who is this game artist girl anyway? Sounds like time for a history lesson!Collapse )

Anyway, that's it for now, I guess! Just though I'd share as people might find it interesting. Guess it's time to get studying.
dragon, little boy blue, announcement

First Day

So first day was kind of cool. We didn't do much cause they were kind of relaxing from the stuff they'd been doing the last couple weeks. They got me set up a bit, and we did a little work, and the rest was just goofing off and lunch and stuff.

Game designers are awesome.

Also, interestingly enough, my sisters both had awesome work related stuff occur today too. Sarah graduated from the manager's program at HEB (She's going to work there still while getting her master's), and Rachel got two stage managing gigs back to back. Everyone went out to celebrate but me cause I was feeling too sick, but regardless... It's cool stuff!