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Awesome dream I had after going back to sleep this morning.

Dream's already fading, trying to get as much as possible.

I was this dragon unicorn creature, that can stand upright. But the thing is, this race could detach their horns and they'd turn into swords, but kind of a living sword. The horn and the dragocorn creature were completely seperate entities, but they were essentially bonded.

In the dream, I was seperated from the rest of my people, and, well, I had some friends who figured "let's find them." and the dream kind of continued in vieo game plot format with adventures I already don't remember.

But, we did find them. And this kind of... mall like area. I don't think the mall was the entire world, but it was where we found them, and they were everywhere. However, for being a new guy, and having different friends, I was kind of picked on by a few guys. However, for whatever reason, we had money that worked n this dragocorn mall (maybe we exchanged it?) and went to some resturaunts and stuff.

Then I learned of this weird game the dragocrons played, where you and another dragocorn would remove their horns and give them to this guy who'd stick them in a whole in the wall, and they'd race on what I guessed was a track on the inside of the wall. After doing this a few times without racing, I got bullied by some dragocorn and his flunkies, saying I was an outsider and yadda yadda. I stood up for myself and my first instinct was to beat him up, but he just challenged me to one of those races. I accepted, being pretty hot headed, but turns out he only did it to get my weapon away from me because apparently they were a LOT more awesome than I knew they were. Then his flunkies tried to attack me with their sword horns, but I got saved by this teenager (Oh, I was a teen too, so it wasn't embarassing. SO was the bully).

He managed to fend them off with his sword horn, which was super kickass, and then explained to me a lot about how awesome they were, which unfortunately I don't remember, aside from how to heal them if they're broken, and you do that by channeling your life energy through it and back into you. I think almost all of its powers were used in essentially the same way, just different variations. He then gave me back my sword horn and told me to be more careful, since the guy I gave it to just kind of threw it away, which was how he found it, and apparently he could use it to track it back to me.

That's really all I remember, but I'm digging this race and their sword horns. I wish I could describe them better than dragony-unicorn creatures, and don't think of Yoiko's icons, cause they were nothing like that. They were almost all reptilian except for their detachable horn. I'm definitely disappointed I don't remember as much as I did for Fen and Max, but this is definitely a good start and more in line of my normal style of writing. I think I'm going to try and expand on this, flesh out the creatures, etc... they seem pretty interesting to me. All in all, the experience was worth the extra 2 hours I slept to get it.
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I promised one, right? Unfortunately, I have nothing really to say about today, but that's a minor detail at best. Instead, I'll mention a few past occurances that are =Dsome as well as give a minor status update.

Status update! My vocabulary has, once again, changed. Minory. The only major changers are the inclusion of the smiley XD, which is very useful and I just didn't want to use it previously as I felt it wasn't me for a while, and the word "ass." Yup, I swear now! Not often, just when I think it's appropriate (so far, four times, all within 24 hours of each other about a week ago). You see, jerk and ass are not interchangeable, though I was using jerk like most would ass. They're similar, but not the same, really. Also, there are many phrases that use the word that I often stumble to get around since I want to say them, but have this self imposed (and silly) no swearing rule. I am pro non-censorship, yet don't swear myself. Funny, no? Don't expect any other swear words to crop up soon. THough, that doesn't mean they won't!

Oddly enough... no one commented on my sudden swearing...

Also! Yesterday I played Constructed Magic for the first time in awhile. With my own deck too! Well, mostly. I amassed about 70 of the 75 cards I needed. Still, not bad, eh? The deck's not that great, but it's not horrible either. It does what it's supoosed to and mildly well as well. So yay! I had fun playing with it last night.

I think that's all for today... I can't think of anything else =\ Well, I'll try to make these more often. Later!
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Everyone who cares already knows, but...


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HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!? =D If you haven't watched MF yet, you should. You should also watch MF, also done by her. Er... the first MF is Making Fiends and the second is Muffin Films =D I'm not as much a fan of Big Bunny...

Anyway... YAY! Making Fiends TV show! ^_^
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Tastes salty!

Super Mario RPG! ^_^

I am totally replaying SMRPG. And I'm already 5/7ths done (yes, five seventh-ths). In fact, I just beat the spear guy with the long, hard to remember/spell name.

Man, I LOVE SMRPG. It's the best Mario RPG made to date, In my opinion. From Bowser to a partner to Smithy as an enemy to Johnny as a cool guy to Booster as comedy relief. Man, I love Booster... And the mini games! Oh man, the mini games! I don't particularly care for The Midas River, but the mine cart, the Yoshi race, avoiding the Big Raven's beak while a statue, and, of course, the three Booster mini games! Hehe... I love Booster and the sniffits. Oh, and the fights. Seriously, there are some cool and creative fights. Bowyer, for example, is very interesting as he can lock commands. Then there's the evil wedding cake, and the power ranger parody. Oh, and let's not forget Johnny! I absolutely LOVE 1 on 1 battles. Unfortunetly, I seemed to have been over leveled or something because Johnny didn't survive 2 attacks after going 1-1... He usually gives me a decent challenge. Maybe the team of Bowser doing damage and Geno playing support just did too much damage to Johnny before he could toughen up? =/ Oh, and let's not forget the best weapon EVER concieved for an RPG: the Hurley Glove. What other weapon has you attack by CHUCKING the MAIN CHARACTER at your enemies, catching him, and THROWING HIM AGAIN? It's pure awesome! Speaking of timed hits, I really like the timed hit system. Unlike most timed hit systems, SMRPG doesn't have a pass fail. They have different degrees of passing and then a fail. Depending on when you hit the button affects how much damage you do, so you have a varied ammount of damages you can do, rather than just the two (normal, adcanced).

My one qualm with the game? There is no... green... muchroom eating... Italian plumber. Seriously. Where's Luigi? =/ I mean, Link's in the game, but no Luigi? Come on!

So, yeah. I like SMRPG. I also like the Paper Marios and the M&L Superstar (haven't played partners in crime), but I really wish they'd make another Mario RPG like this one. Oh, and bring back Booster. And possibly Johnny. Scratch that possibly, bring him back too!

Also, Bowser's priceless in SMRPG. Seriously. Priceless.

I don't particularly care much for Geno or Mallow as characters, though. Geno's a fine support character, sure, but he's... DULL. Sigh. Not everything can be perfect.

And now some Booster Wisdom: "What's this? Water coming from your eyes? Are you... leaking my dear??" *opens mouth and catches some tears* "Tastes Salty!"

Oh, and Booster Mini-game 3: Find Toadstool's stuff (man, I wish she was still called Toadstool =/). I FINALLY got Toadstool to kiss me. I've NEVER gotton Peach to kiss me. Always bowser. I always thought that Bowser kissing me was the something nice =/ Besides, I liked Bowser kissing me because it's funnier than Toadstool doing it. But I found out that if Toadstool kisses me, that means Bowser kisses... Booster! Ahaha! Bowser & Booster: "Feels like... SANDPAPER!" AHAHAHAHA! Awesome! I then tried to see what happened if I took a long time (I saved right before, naturally) and found that you get two kisses, from B & B. And they say the same thing. I honestly like just B & B kissing better, but hey, it's still funny either way!
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Awesome dream fragment.

Okay, this was a part of a larger dream which had little to do with the rest of the dream but it was (mostly) set in the same scenario, so the dreams were connected partially. The first dream was something about adventuring. I know Samus was there and there were 7 chaos emeralds floating around a theme park that some one had and was exploiting to entice adventurers to come and get them and there were a bunch of guys fighting to get them, but no one did. I have no idea what it was about, but it was kiinda cool when I was experiancing it, even if I barely remember it.

The other part, the 2nd part, I can remember a lot more clearly, though not 100%. Also, it ended prematurely, which sucks because it was interesting. Anyway, everyone was an antropomorphic animal and most people were kids, including me. I was a wolf or a fox. I think I was a wolf. Anyway, it was the first day of school, the very first day of school, and most of the other kids were sitting together and talking and laughing and stuff. But this sheep with glasses was sitting all by himself and kinda sad. You know the scenario. So I sit next to him and introduce myself. About then a bully, whose race I do not remember, started picking on the sheep (I'd give us names but I never have names in my dreams. It's like, I know they exist, but I almost never hear them. There's only one exception I can think of and that's only because her name was the same as an old friend of mine. I didn't even have a name, actually.). I told him to leave him alone and stood up to defend the sheep. The guy laughed and would have continued if the teacher didn't come in and, since she couldn't see the other guy's face, yelled at me because I was looking very hot headed. So I appologized and sat down.

This gets long, so I'm cutting the restCollapse )

Then I woke up, much to my aggrivation.

And here's my personal follow up, which wasn't in my dreamCollapse )

And that's as far as I'll go with this. What happens next? Did either of us get married? What were our jobs like? How did we die? I'll leave that all to you to immagine. I couldn't possibly explain every important moment in their lives, now could I? I'd be here for a long, long time! I can, however, tell you that we were both friends until the day we died. So, no worries there.

You know, if done well, this would make an AWESOME story, or graphic novel, or something. Also, I would KILL to have a picturre of the two kids, me, the wolf who suffered two major injuries as a first grader but has a heart of gold, and the sheep, the nerdy kid with a big brain who inspired a friendship the size of which spans larger than an entire planet. I really would, they'd be stading with their arms over each other's shoulder's and waving at the person looking at the picture, and I would make the V peace sign with my right hand (which is his weaker hand. He's a lefty, even though I'm a righty.). Man, I would love to have a picture like that, though I'll never get one, because blasted if I can draw and I don't know anyone who would draw it for me. Well, unless one of you actually did, but I just don't see that happeneing for some reason. Seriously, though, I would love you forever if anyone actually did this for me...

Okay, I've been typing for over an hour now, and I bet you're all real tired of reading, so I'm going to stop. Hmmm, I should probably cut that because it is kinda long. Okay.

Also, I'm gonna try and tag things from now on. Partly so I can surf my LJ easier and partly because I want to remember awesome posts like this.

Wolf dude who's me? You're awesome. Way to stick with your friends. Sheep guy who's my friend? You're also awesome. I'm sure you'll do very well doing whatever job you end up doing. Just remember, you're both friends and you should always stick together and look out for each other until the end. =)

Edit: I have decided that the wolf's name is Fen and the sheep's name is Max. Why Fen? Well, if you know your mythological Norse Wolf Demons, you'll know what it's based after. No, his name is not short for it, but it is based on that name. His actual name is Fen. Why Max? it seemed appropriate for the sheep, so that's his name now. So, yeah, Fen and Max. You two are awesome.