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So I'm insane...


On the forums I've been hanging out around lately... I've decided to OMIT THE LETTER E FROM ALL (non-official style) POSTS FOR ALL OF FEBRUARY!

...I'm just awesome like that =D And yes, I can do it. I'm actually quite skilled in the art of omitting the letter e (or as I call it, that fifth symbol!)

I just feel like sharing =D

Also, regarding the last "poll," I think Chibi hit it on the head. But... I wouldn't call myself "submissive" really... I just like doing things that make both parties involved happy! I derive the most enjoyment when I do things that make other people happy. So when someone like Guin or Chibi or Yoru comes up to me and goes "YOU, do [thing we both like] together with me! Now!" I'll do it. Because if they like it and I like it, then surely us doing it together makes it BETTER. If that's submissive, then I guess I'm guilty of being submissive... I just see it as eager to please ♥ I mean, I won't always do what people tell me to, though I guess I'm more inclined to if someone I really like tells me to. But there are times I can think of in the past where I'd just outright refuse because I knew I wouldn't like it, which is my right, isn't it? So I wouldn't say I'm submissive. Suggestible, eager to please, whatever, but not really submissive.

Then again, maybe I am and I'm just trying to defend myself.
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You know the Bugle is getting desensitized when...

He participates in a conversation, however briefly, about breast sizes and bras without immediately going OMG NOOOOOOOO and running away.

...Not that I didn't still do that, eventually, but I did it a bit more politely than that. I won't say my departure wasn't ABRUBT, but, well, better than it coulda been.

But yeah, I actually LEARNED some stuff last night. Was it all info I wanted? Nope. I probably could have done without any of it *cough* Was it info I regret having? Nope. It's useful info. I mean, seriously, I have to grow up sometime ;) And I'd rather do it in small doses like this than all at once since the real world is scary and stuff =| But yeah, I stuck arround, I listened, I participated a couple times (minorly, I admit, but there's only so much you can do when they're talking about a subject you routinely AVOID), and then, after I had reached the threshold where I couldn't stick around anymore, I left.

Granted, I made a big deal about it, but it was still useful knowledge.

I also made the following rant:

Brer_Lapine: I stand by my choice to squick Bugle :|
Brer_Lapine: GOOD NIGHT
Bugone|Sleep: You're allowed to.
Bugone|Sleep: I am ABSOLUTELy
Bugone|Sleep: FOR
Bugone|Sleep: PRO
Bugone|Sleep: people talking about this as though I was not in the room.
Bugone|Sleep: Or specifically TO squick me.
Bugone|Sleep: I do not have the prilledge to not be grossed out
Bugone|Sleep: And I don't want to pretend I do.
Dragonfire: We tease because we love!
Bugone|Sleep: If I don't like it, it's MY responsibility to get up and leave
Bugone|Sleep: There's that too, Dragon <3

...And I stand by it. At least, I think I do. SOmetimes people say things they mean but don't uphold and don't notice =| I'm constantly affraid I do this.

...I bet my "evolution" as it were is kind of interesting to watch, especially for Guin, who's been arround since the start.