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AE Post Part 1

I know the ending to Part 1 came a bit sooner than most expected, but I figured it was a good enough milestone to end it there. I automated the last bit because we all knew what direction you guys were going in anyway, and if you want to go back to draw some more, you always can =P

So far it's been interesting, for sure. I don't think there's more than like 5 thins I expected you guys to do that you did, and PLENTY of things I didn't expect you to do that you did... >_>

It's also been nerve wracking as a lot of people I thought would participate in this aren't, and I feel bad because of it... though I'm also trying NOT to just go up to them and go "hey, why aren't you reading/playing? =(" cause that just feels kind of lame... I've got the 5 people I have now, I should be satisfied with that for now and know that others might poke by eventually. What's important isn't the player size, it's if the current players are enjoying it right?

...If only I wasn't so insecure about my enterprizes... *sigh*

Anyway, we got past the "tutorial" section. After I finished making my map, I starting loking for a good starting place, and the place you guys started in was just AMAZING. It was a moderate sized corridor that led to the very center of the maze... just PERFECT. This way I could throw some easy rooms at you without having to make you choose what direction to go in, and then drop in an actual choice of direction... hopefully things will start to heta up now that you're in the dungeon proper.
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Amazing Escape... part MAP

MAP is totally a number, what are you talking about?

Because the map for Amazing Escape has a LOT of rooms, I figured I'd keep track of it in a seperate post as well, so I could also list the names of all the rooms you've been to and not contribute to the character count of the main post itself.

I'm not going to put in a description of each room, cause that could get tedious, but feel free to ask for a description on a case by case basis!

Map!Collapse )
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Amazing Escape... part 1.

Okay, I spoke too soon, maybe we can name him Anything (You goof of a Dragonfire!)

How this is going to work! First I'm going to post the beginning of our little adventure in the main post here behind a cut. The main post will be used to hold the entire adventure so you can just read it (and the actions) continuously! I'll be making a new post every time I hit the character limit. The main post will also show the current map and inventory (or will when you acquire such).

In addition to the main post, I'll be posting each update (as well as the current map and inventory) in it's own comment to the main post. So you can read it in either way: the whole thing not separated by player comments, or by update, with player comments! It will be on these comments that you post your commands.

I'll probably do all non-mutually exclusive commands given between posts, but do try to limit your commands to 1-2 per player. Also, we won't be leaving a room in the same post as doing other things in the room (as a general rule, there may be exceptions). When leaving rooms, we'll go by majority vote (Unless there's only one direction of course =P)

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Amazing Escape! Preperations part 2

Alrighty, so, we have a TIE at 4/4 for M/F... and my mysterious d2 coin flipped up Male, so we have a pirate catboy/catman as our protaganist (Well, there were no protests to the pirate cat thing, and 4 for it, so we'll just go ahead and pretend that's a majority unless we got some major protests now)

But we can't just call him anything, now can we? We should...

Please Insert Name
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Amazing Escape! Preperations part 1

Well, I think I'm going to do this, then! But I am COMPLETELY INSANE and I'm going to run it in two places at once!


They'll be instanced, though, so you guys won't run into them and they won't run into you. It'll be interesting to see the differences.

Anyway... let's get down to business, we can't just start this without a little preparation, now can we?

Boy or Girl?


Alright, so I asked the wrong question XD

Anyway, uh, we have a race and class right now (Cat(person? it'd be easier if he was an anthro, I think, but that's not up to me) pirate), but, let's actually go for gender now *cough* I know Ari himself is male, but there's still enough room for error here. I'll be counting the people who've given a specific gender already (the boy/girl/woman/mare (female horse is still female), but the Cat pirate Ari people should still specify ♥

So uh... let's try

Male, Female, or Other (please specify)?