E Bugle (ebugle) wrote,
E Bugle


So frustrated.

Everyone's on vacation next week, so I get 5 days. -again-. LE SIGH At least they're only 6 hour shifts so I won't be as tired, but still... My mojo is being thrown off.

Thursday I made 7.5 hours again (for much the same reason: didn't want to start a new project with just .5 hours remaining). Friday I made just over 4 =\ I was just so out of it yesterday, it sucked. I tried to wake up early today to get some done, but I couldn't sleep and that just didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow/tonight (if I can't sleep again but also stop feeling meh).

I don't feel up to making accomplishments for those days. The whammy of getting 5 days -again- just took a lot out of me =| Add to that my problems with trying to preorder Guild Wars 2 (it claims my card is invalid no matter what I do, and it's very not), and I just... ugh. I'm just not in a very good mood. Even though there are a few things going on that should make it better.

Maybe I'll talk about those tomorrow.
Tags: accomplishment unlocked, rsad sucks

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    Sure do. Good news is, I'm feeling better. It took a couple days, but sometimes depression is like that.

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    Getting called in to work early, so I'll likely want to try and kill everyone I meet today =| No chance of talking about the good things.


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