E Bugle (ebugle) wrote,
E Bugle

Yay, accomplishments are back!


I'm finally out of sick and/or constantly working so constantly tired land, so accomplishments return! Yay!

And I got to work again today! AWESOME! I also had multiple important conversations to help people work through things, so that's good too. I won't go into those terribly in depth as they're moderately personal, but accomplishments will have a summary

1) Made 5.3 hours. Which, while not 8, is not bad for the first day after an accidental 2 week vacation. I also got up really late, so that helped keep it low. Also, what I was working on today was very stressful, so 5 hours is actually pretty good, all things considered!
2) Helped talk someone through a problem they were having with our work environment in CMC. They haven't come to a conclusive decision with regards to their problem, but they've also got more information as to what decision they'll make.
3) Talked with someone else I really needed to a long time ago cause we've both been getting kind of snippy at each other. The talk started poorly, but ended up well, so overall a good thing.
4) Relearned there are two sides to a story and sometimes it's best not to form an opinion if you don't know everything (which I absolutely do not)
5) Remembered something I can't talk about here, but hey, I did it so it still counts!
Tags: accomplishment unlocked, conflict of the masters of cards

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