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I saw HP movie 5!

[21:38] Bugle: Weeee!
[21:38] Bugle: Best Harry Potter Movie yet =D
[21:38] Bugle: Which is ironic since book 5 was the worst Harry Potter book yet >_>

Yeah. FUNNY HUH? I hated book five and loved the movie! WHat's up with that?

I will honestly say I didn't expect much fom movie 5. I went because 1) I wanted to see the Thestrals. 2) I wanted to see Umbridge. 3) I wanted to see Luna ^_^ THe thestrals were alright, but could have been better. Umbridge seemed poorly casted at first, but grows on you (like a fungus), and Luna... Well...





I WILL GO MORE INTO WHAT I LIKED/DISLIKED LATER! IN AN LJ-CUT! Just wanted to share that I <3 Luna ^_^
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