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D&D, ho!

So, an update to the previous emofest: I'm currently planning out a 6-session minimum adventure to run for Phif solo (he has a lackey too, so it's not 100% solo, but still) which will hopefully help with both the "Creative juices geared towards a different project" bit and the "boy do I need to do something social with someone else" bit.

It's going to feature a castle. In the sky. Weeeee!

I don't care if that's been done to death, it's a classic for a reason. And it won't ALL be castle. The first 4 areas won't be in the castle at all! But still in the sky.

I am kind of excited because I will be playing with new monsters and it's always fun to come up with interesting combos for them.
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I've been in a funk the last... month or so. Off and on. August once again chewed me up and spat me back out. Next year, August, enxt year I'll beat you, I swear it!

But I think a big portion of it is actually that I'm burning out on CMC. So I think for the time being, I'm going to spend one day a other creative projects. Probably monday. And I may take most of next week just due to this burn out.

I'm thinking I'll mostly work on F&M summore. And maybe some Elementia.

In other news, I recently got Guild Wars 2 and, despite having a lot of fun with it initially, I am just feeling burned out on -that- too. I don't even know why, but I have little desire to actually play it any more. Every time I try, I go "no, I don't actually feel like playing this, do I?" So yeah...

I think I need to play more social games (I'd been soloing in GW2 and haven't really said anything so it hasn't been social so far, which may be the problem). But that's hard being an introvert with few local friends and online friends who seem to want to do other things most of the time. I just don't know. Maybe I'll try and DM again. Even if I'm just DMing for Phif.

Speaking of, i was invited to a D&D game back in February, which still hasn't even started =| I have no idea what's going on there.

Ugh, I just... UGH! I don't even know what I want to say, I just... I don't know! It's frustrating! I thought making an LJ post would help, but it's actually... not. For whatever reason. That just bugs me more.

I've been reading a lot of comics lately, though. Which is fun. Both new and old. And the old is sometimes depressing cause its reminiscent of the most fun I had with webcomics (the first 2-3 years since I discovered them in 2002). But I've gone into that rant before and don't really feel like going into it again.

I'm kind of just typing for the sake of typing now, so I'll end it. Here's hoping working on different projects for a bit will help me get out of this funk. Later folkses.
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So frustrated.

Everyone's on vacation next week, so I get 5 days. -again-. LE SIGH At least they're only 6 hour shifts so I won't be as tired, but still... My mojo is being thrown off.

Thursday I made 7.5 hours again (for much the same reason: didn't want to start a new project with just .5 hours remaining). Friday I made just over 4 =\ I was just so out of it yesterday, it sucked. I tried to wake up early today to get some done, but I couldn't sleep and that just didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow/tonight (if I can't sleep again but also stop feeling meh).

I don't feel up to making accomplishments for those days. The whammy of getting 5 days -again- just took a lot out of me =| Add to that my problems with trying to preorder Guild Wars 2 (it claims my card is invalid no matter what I do, and it's very not), and I just... ugh. I'm just not in a very good mood. Even though there are a few things going on that should make it better.

Maybe I'll talk about those tomorrow.
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Boring day

Didn't really do much outside of work and watch Drew Carey's Improviganza.

I feel much better now that I'm working on CMC again.

1) 7.5 hours. I just finished one task at 7.5 and didn't really want to begin another with just half an hour to go, so ended it there. Seems logical, if a bit disappointing.
2) Beat a Grow game I hadn't before. Never plaayed the Grow games? Go check out www.eyemaze.com for some really cool puzzle games!
3) Sent a text inquiring about Red Ladder. No response =(
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Yay, accomplishments are back!


I'm finally out of sick and/or constantly working so constantly tired land, so accomplishments return! Yay!

And I got to work again today! AWESOME! I also had multiple important conversations to help people work through things, so that's good too. I won't go into those terribly in depth as they're moderately personal, but accomplishments will have a summary

1) Made 5.3 hours. Which, while not 8, is not bad for the first day after an accidental 2 week vacation. I also got up really late, so that helped keep it low. Also, what I was working on today was very stressful, so 5 hours is actually pretty good, all things considered!
2) Helped talk someone through a problem they were having with our work environment in CMC. They haven't come to a conclusive decision with regards to their problem, but they've also got more information as to what decision they'll make.
3) Talked with someone else I really needed to a long time ago cause we've both been getting kind of snippy at each other. The talk started poorly, but ended up well, so overall a good thing.
4) Relearned there are two sides to a story and sometimes it's best not to form an opinion if you don't know everything (which I absolutely do not)
5) Remembered something I can't talk about here, but hey, I did it so it still counts!